Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's This Kind of Day

Someone left a window wide open last night, so it is a bit nippy in here.  For those of you in the northern climes, look at it this way, we are feeling your pain.  A teeny bit. lol.  I love the hearts in my cocoa, don't you?  They are more evidence of my inconsistency with the finances, but hey, this is love.  Love with cocoa, in my favorite cup, love to share with my girls, love to just look at. Or a symbol of it, anyway.  I see love in the background, too.  We used to eat on a two-by-six-foot plastic table.  Love moved a friend to offer us her family's oak dining room table.  After my children leaned on it too heavily and for too long, the top fell right off the pedestal pieces.  Love screwed it back together. :)  I love this table.  Not in the same way I love my husband, of course, but you ladies know what I mean.

It's been a busy few days, as we've had company.  I have always enjoyed my friend in the ministry, Merlynn, but I have a renewed admiration for her.  She is organized, disciplined, thoughtful, and committed to the Lord and her family; what's more, she laughs easily, even at herself! and is fun to be with.  I really must stop taking myself so seriously and learn to laugh more.   I feel refreshed and motivated to clear some of the clutter out of my house, and on a major scale this time.  I prayed this morning for the Lord to help me to be ruthless.  Really I should start with my own stuff, but the girls' closet needs a good going-through.  So do the rest of the closets, and under the beds, and and and.  

And I am going to start T-Tapping today.  I've been saying that for several days, but my motivation went out the door at some point.  Not to mention, I have not had the privacy I need to bounce my flab all over the place for an hour while I learn the workout.  See what I mean about not taking myself so seriously?  But today I am going to do it. Right after... after lunch.  I think.

Well, I am just a ramblin' on, and I need to get to work.  I'm going to remember those little hearts in my cocoa while I patiently teach my children, exercise my unloveable body, and clean ruthlessly. Thank you for your patience.  My blog will be back in business one of these days.  ♥


  1. If you had a "like" button, I would "like" this post. :)

  2. Enjoy your day and your takes a while to get used the moves but good news, you really don't bounce but I still don't enjoy an audience either.

  3. Great prayer "Lord help me be ruthless!" I so need that in my bedroom and closet, and the other closet, and the pantry...

    Love the hearts too :)

  4. Well, I'll say it for the record...I missed you around here! Figured you had a good reason, and you did. Your friend sounds inspiring! A good reminder, too, about laughing--I need that, too.

    May the Lord give you lots of little successes and encouragements this week. We need that in these halfway-through-the-school-year months. I started doing my neighborhood walks this week after all the sickies and it sure felt good.

    Blessings on everything! :-)


  5. Love the photo. I saw those heart marshmallows at WM, so cute. I almost bought them, but didn't for some reason.

    I wish I was like Merlynn. Some people have it all. (sigh)

    Cleaning again huh? Have a good weekend!!!

  6. ooo, cocoa looks good. Have fun T-Tapping. Blessings, Sally!


  7. I'm glad you had a good time with your friend and that you are going to T-Tapping. I'm even more glad that you got a "WEE BIT" of what we are getting up here. 38 inches of snow so far and more comming! I may need to dig a tunnel just to get out of the house.

  8. Whats T Tap? Sounds like work!
    I love love love the marshmellows! They make me smile.

  9. Hi Sally! I used to be "friends" with you over on HSB (my blog there was called "Pressing on Toward the Goal: The Incredible Journey")...I left there and began blogging here on blogger (new blog is "The Life of a Honey Bee") almost a year ago. It's been hard to keep up with some of the blogs I liked over on HSB, so I'm glad I came by to find you had moved over here! Now I can follow you again! Have a great day ~ Melissa

  10. I'll chime in and say that I have not see heart marshmallows. I live a sheltered life, I guess! I hope T Tapp is going well. With this flu bug, I'll be back to starting over again, when ever that happens!

  11. I have really enjoyed catching up with you my SSiC. I know your feelings well. Needing to purge, plan, and loose a couple of skirt sizes. I am getting back on track with my Walk Away the Pounds. I pray blessings on your and your family. And I look forward to see where the Lord leads you this year.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<><


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