Friday, January 14, 2011

No Bible No Breakfast Graphics

Sadly, I received only TWO entries for my No Bible No Breakfast graphics contest.  However, both the entries I received were very creative!!  I should never have called this a contest.  I should have known I am too soft to choose a winner. I like them both!

From Ryan:

And from Alison:

I will have to alternate designs on my sidebar.  If you would like to lift one for your own sidebar, please save the photo to your own photo storage site.  Please don't hotlink.

Many thanks to both contestants for your time and talent, and for your patience with me!


  1. I personally think Alison's is cool! How is the "No Bible No Breakfast" program going?

  2. It's going. That's just the way it is in this house, and has been for decades. :)

  3. I really like Ryans :)


  4. I'm like you...I like them both! Neat effort from both contributors. I also like the motto and idea. Might take root here. :-)

  5. These are both amazingly creative. I could not have made a choice! I am anxious to see how this goes with your family.
    My hubby is now joining me in reading the bible in Chronological order...hes a tad late at getting on board but I am thrilled!

  6. Both are really good and from talented people for sure. I think I would have picked Ryans only because the other one moves a lot and becomes hard on my eyes, but that is just me. I'm glad you have decided to use both.

  7. First of all, great job and kudos go out to Ryan and Alison!
    Second of all, I thought a hot link was a small breakfast sausage. I'm wondering if I've done this correctly as the little flashing graphic doesn't flash at my blog margin.
    I first clicked on the graphic and when it was shown with just the white background, I "copied." Then went to "My Pictures" on "My Computer" and "pasted."
    From there I then went to "Design" at my blog and picked "photo" at the gadgets selection.
    I clicked browse and copied the graphic from "My Pictures" and then pasted into my gadgets and stuck it into my margin.
    Did I just hotlink???
    And why won't Alison's flashing graphic "flash" :-( ???

  8. LOL! Breakfast sausages! I never thought of that, probably because we don't like the hot ones. Okay, here's what you do. Right click on the image and click "save image". Save it to your pictures folder or wherever, THEN upload it to your blog. Done. Sorry, I didn't give very good instructions above. Will edit.

  9. OH, and hotlinking is when you just copy the "image location" and paste it into the url for where the photo goes on your blog. It's the easy way, but it causes bandwidth problems. I think that's the right lingo...

  10. I wanted to do a button! I played with it - but I just didn't get anywhere. The two you did get are far better than anything I was coming up with. Good job!!


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