Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011 in Review

2011.  I think I have written the date out twice since the new year began.  It feels funny like it always does when January 1 rolls around. :)  When we were kids I could not imagine living into the 2000's -- it just seemed too far away.  And here we are, already into their second decade!  The Lord has stuck with me all this time, and I am just so glad I know him, or rather, that I am known of him.  God is so faithful.  What a blessed life I live.

In January:

We continued with Emily's home-making skills:

Betsy caught a geography bug.  She wanted to learn about one country each week, cooking a regional recipe each Tuesday and writing a report.  That didn't last long, but she did make this recipe from Botswana, spaghetti with broccoli and garlic.  Who would have ever thought spaghetti would be an African food?  Well, why not.  We eat plenty of it here in America!  It was very easy and quite tasty.  I can never leave a recipe alone, so we added some chicken. 

Amy had a birthday!  Number 14, it was.  This is her now:
Rare photo of Amy without camera around her neck.

This was her when she was two years old:

Nevermind.  I can't find a photo!  My album stopped when she was a baby.  See how far behind I am with that stuff?  Better add it to my To-Do Someday list.  Anyway, I am very blessed to have this creative and fun and helpful daughter!  Her goal in life is to have children, play with children, take photos of children, and love children.  I don't think she cares if she ever gets married, though.  Maybe she'll be a Baptist Amy Carmichael or something.  But here in America.  :)  Or she could work for a disaster clean-up crew.  
Doesn't she do a good job? 

My dear parents came for Amy's birthday, and we played Quirkle:

We had a good school day in January. :)  Would they all went like this one did!

They look so content.  (Looks are deceiving.) We hit a wall with algebra again.  I think I am creating some big math monsters, changing curricula every time we get stuck.  It is NOT going well, and I'm sure it's me.  (Oh dear.)

Alison and Amy helped at Kings Kids, assisting the children to memorize scripture:

 We enjoyed crepes a la Betsy again:

Alison and Amy practiced a happy tune for their mother's pleasure.

And, we played outside!

In our short sleeves!  :)

Last but not least, Monocogman rode his bike home from Boulder City.  This was to keep up with his dad in their annual bike mileage competition.  Sadly, he is already behind in spite of this eighty-four mile, downhill ride with the wind at his back.. Downhill except for the 18 miles of climbing. Poor Monocogman.

We girls dropped him off then enjoyed a frigid picnic, an afternoon at the wonderful Boulder City Library, and some window shopping.  We also had the privilege of watching a glass-blower making a little plant buddy for Emily. He had an exquisite glass carriage with horses in his shop for only $100,000.  That was a bit out of our price range, but we sure did enjoy the freebie!  Committing a slender piece of fragile glass to a seven-year-old ended just the way you think -- it broke on the way home. :(

We hope all of you in climes north and east of us are keeping warm and enjoying your ice and snow! ♥

The entrance of thy words giveth light;
it giveth understanding unto the simple.
Psalm 118:130


  1. Lots going on in your life. Enjoy!

  2. Loved this month in review, Sally! I always love it when people sprinkle photos through a post liberally, and so thank you for your generosity. It makes what one reads so much more real, and such a visual feast. :)

    Thanks for your notes you've been leaving over at my place. I'm terrible in the art of reciprocity lately, but I keep striving for a better balance.

    T-Tapp. Thinking I want to start the two-week bootcamp next week, but haven't had a chance to watch the video. Hm. Will try, but company is here until Saturday evening, so it may be tricky. I'll let you know how it goes. Have you watched it/started it yet?

    All right - off to bake some cookies, hop in the shower, and hopefully veg for a bit. Have a great rest-of-week and weekend!
    ~Shani xxx

  3. Loved the slice-of-life report! But did I correctly read the word "frigid" to describe your picnic? Somehow in our world those two words just don't go together! ha!

    Betsy's quite the little cook. Very inspiring.

    And you have my deepest sympathy about algebra. Things are a bit better here but it's a struggle. May the Lord give you some clear help.

    Have a good Thursday!

  4. Another great month I see. I love all the humor in your posts. Lol, I was wondering why Amy's 2-yr. photo wasn't popping up. That iron looks so good aside of Em. And great job Betsy on your cooking!!!

    I told Jeff about Pastor's ride and he said he hoped he had the wind to his back the whole way. :)

    I was glad the glass blower was busy talking to someone else when we were there. His stuff is pretty, but to fragile for this house. $100,000? Can you imagine?

  5. Lovely review! Jealous of the out side in short sleeves!!!!! So want warmth at the moment. I was thrilled by the missing photo! Child #1 has six photo albums, child #2 has 3, Child #3 has 1/2 of an album and child #4 has none! I am not proud of it! I did manage to get boxes of photos into photo boxes a few years back. Now to get the digital photos in order!
    Is Algebra made just to cause parents anguish? I finally found something that works. ( of couse its with the last child but hey I tried lots of things!)Merrill Algebra. Yep its what the public schools use but its basic and explains it well. DD 14 went from a puddle of tears to a happy camper.

  6. What a happy tune! I am enjoying it very much. You gave me quite a chuckle over your "one good day." I'd say if you added up our usual week, they'd roll into one "good" day. But we'd never get 180 in so I count them all. :-)

  7. love the wrap up!

    I do the same in math :-( my 12 yo asked me about his math the other day, "Can we please stop changing?" I guess I need to settle down with something.

    I used to love visiting the glassblower in San Antonio when I'd visit my grandmother. I still have a few things packed away somewhere.


  8. Oh, another video of your girls playing their beautiful instruments! I always enjoy this. They do such a great job together.


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