Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Raining Inside and Out

We are at my mom and dad's house, celebrating my dad's 76th birthday.  Yay, Dad!  We love you!  You won't believe what an impersonal and practical, no clutter gift we got him -- socks.  Yes, it's true.  Socks.  It's not quite as impersonal a gift as it seems.  Dad and I both have tender feet, and neither of us can stand to have a wrinkle in our sock.  I saw some socks for diabetic/tender feet, nice soft cushy ones, and that's what we got him.  I hope he agrees with all the glowing reviews.  Dad?

While here in California our girls were going to get their first experience at ice skating.  Daddy and I were even planning to put skates on again for the first time in decades! But alas.  Emily threw up at 3 a.m., and again this morning in spite of the fact that she kept telling me how "fine" she felt today....  boo hoo.  Many tears now, as her ice skating is going to have to wait for a healthier day.  Poor Emily.  (I wondered if maybe this is God's way of keeping me from doing something really foolish (grin).  But no, then it could have just been me throwing up...)  The two of us will just stay home together and try to rejoice with them that do rejoice.

In the meantime, it is pouring rain. As high winds are expected along the way, and snow as low as 1500',  we are considering our options for our return trip to the desert.  Praying it won't be with a van full of flu patients.


  1. That's what my dad always wants, too! And I hope you all are on the mend. My husband came home sick today. My mom is sick. My grandma (whom we saw yesterday) is sick now. I feel doomed.

  2. Oh how awful, the stomach flu while away from home. And how disappointing not to be able to skate. I hope it's just the 24 hr. bug that seems to making it's rounds.

    And now with your dad...will you still come home tomorrow? How bad of a stroke? I'm sorry, perhaps you don't know yet, praying and wishing all the best. So glad you were able to be there though, I know if you weren't there, then you would be sitting on pins & needles wondering when & how to get there for your mom & dad. (((BIG HUGS))) Let me know when you find out how he is doing, I'll keep praying.

  3. I hope Emily feels better soon. I went roller skating after many a year. I did quite well until I had to stop for a little girl who was sitting in the middle of my path. I fell and sprained my wrist. It hasn't been the same since.

  4. Stay dry out there and I pray you all don't sick!

  5. Bummer! A bit of that here today, too. May it pass quickly and may the Lord give you a peaceful (and uneventful!) trip home.


  6. Hi Sally! So sorry your skating got sidetracked, but better to cancel it than know...on the ice, yuck! Hope you all make it back safe and sound!

    I read on your HSB cbox about your dad, hope he's doing better. MY dad was in the hospital w/a knee replacement surgery, between post op and then in-patient rehab, he was gone for over 3 weeks, came home the 23rd in time for Christmas, PTL!

    Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year!

  7. Sally, so sorry about the puny one. We've circulated it here for the past week-and-a-half. But to be away from home must be miserable for the little lamb :-(.
    I love ice skating and got to go last Spring while we were in Dallas! The kids were so surprised that I was able to skate as well as I did (it all comes back like riding a bike). I'm sorry you weren't able to astound yours with a few double toe loops with a triple Lutz thrown in!


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