Monday, December 13, 2010

More Mom Wisdom

Furthermore, the smart mother does not buy chocolate when the children are present.

In such a case the mother might as well not bother to hide the chocolate in her pantie drawer, because guilt will coerce her into sharing.  

Secret guilt, now that's different.  I'm experiencing severe withdrawals, waiting for a chance to go to the store alone and restock my stash.  

I predict my next post will be a lament over weight gained and clothes that no longer fit.


  1. I dare you to go a month without chocolate. I have gone 3 1/2. :)

  2. Hmm...that's my hiding place for chocolate too.

    Thanks for the instructions on how to move HSB blogs. Almost everything transferred.

  3. LOL, I usually buy the KING SIZE Hershey w/almonds & leave them in the freezer for Amber & I...WM was out of the KING SIZE, so we got the next biggest size...which was gone in 2 days (2 bars). At least I still have the milk choc. chocolate chips to fall back on until my next WM trip. Oh to eat like Amber and still look as thin as her - so it mustn't be the chocolate that makes one fat.

  4. Wow, that is a dare and a half! I would not advise you take Alison's dare. :-) I don't shop alone very often. I have been thinking of buying some Trader Joe's 70% dark for my stash. Maybe Thursday. My kids don't like dark. That's how I get my own stash.

  5. Everyone gets a big Hersheys Bar in their stocking at our house. We love our chocolate!

  6. I'm still laughing at Alison's comment/dare, LOL!
    My kids are thankful for chocolate.
    They would tell you that its not music that tames the savage beasty/Mom, but chocolate!

  7. I buy crappy chocolate for the kids and save the good stuff for me. As long as they get something, they are happy.


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