Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Mother vs. Smart Mother

The good mother bakes cookies for her children.
She cuddles them and hugs them and tells them she loves them.
She reads aloud to them.
The good mother prays for her children.
She provides clean clothes and warm food and a table set for the entire family.

The smart mother hides the chocolates in her pantie drawer.


  1. OK, that is very good advice!!!

  2. And she also hides them in the freezer inside a empty box for Brussel Sprouts! I had some there in the same box for 15 years!!!

  3. You're such a smart/wise woman, Sally :-)!!!

  4. Betsy, had a birthday?!
    Oh no we missed it :-(.
    Please tell her happy belated birthday from the Sniders, she's such a dear!

  5. Hey, and thanks for stopping by to say "goodbye." Looks like you're well established over here already! Did you have this blog before and I just didn't know about it? Dawn is over here, too, at It looks as if your kids are still at HSB? Savannah flirted with moving her blog (HA HA), but then chose to compromise by staying at HSB, but also getting a page at the Homeschool Lounge. Of course, now the children's area of the homeschool lounge is not obviously there and the approval is slow, so we'll see how it all turns out. Please let me know for sure where your girls are as I'm sure Savannah will want to reach out to Emily. Also, happy belated birthday to Betsy!


  6. You're way too funny!

    Love your new blog!!!!


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