Monday, December 20, 2010

Posts to Share

The other day I was ready to ship all my kids off to the local federal "education" building. (You never wanted to do that, did you?  I didn't think so.)  After watching this video yesterday, I was ready to burn our textbooks and start over as radical unschoolers.  After all, even if the philosophy is somewhat different, most of the nominally Christian curriculum we use today is patterned after that which the federal schools are using.  Today... today I am digging myself out from under an avalanche of hormones, which helps to explain the failure of my meek and quiet spirit to react graciously to unmotivated students and evil-ly motivated educators.

Mom Wanted, Signed, Your Children is about the return of the mother-heart to HOME, a post which had me alternately ow-ing and amen-ing.

Needed At Home, by Lady Lydia, gives us SAHMs some good ammo for those times we are made to feel like non-producers in the world's economy.

And one by Sherry at Large Family Mothering, Planting Seeds of Joy.  This is the real reason I homeschool.  After nearly going off the deep end the other day I suddenly remembered I do it because I love it. :)

Mrs. Morecraft shares a wonderful reading list for kids of all ages.

And here's a great, practical post for those of you who are snowed in and loving it.  Share these with your snow-loving kids, How to Build an Impenetrable Snow Fort, and How to Make the Perfect Snowball, from The Art of Manliness. The comments are an added bonus, but do watch for language. Yes, I do subscribe to this masculine-themed blog.  It's so that I can forward the good stuff to my husband. And no, I did not send him this snow post.  Totally impractical here.  I will send him the one on that site called "A Man's Guide to Socks". We do wear socks in Arizona.  Sometimes.

And finally, for you who would rather play at the computer than in the snow, online Blokus.  This is a good board game; now you can play free!


  1. Thank you, Sally! I look forward to spending some time reading these. Maybe my son will let me borrow his laptop, which is more comfy than my desktop for lots of reading.

  2. The link to the snowfort is quite timely. We are in the middle of a snowstorm :) I love snowstorms after everyone is home, the house is warm and enough food etc on hand. I bought extra popcorn and I might break out a few DVDs :)

    Thanks for the links.

  3. was just thinking of you and went over to HSB to see what you were up to. Then I saw your link here. Nice blog! I moved from HSB (mostly); mine is now at

    Wishing you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    (oldpathsmom @hsb)

  4. I really need some mommy encouragement; thanks for linking to these.


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