Monday, July 6, 2009

Still Alive in the Desert

The official temperature reading here on Sunday last week (this was in my drafts too long) was 117°, and 113° the day after.  Dad and the kids went to the lake to "cool off", but they almost overheated before they got to the beach.  No one complained of such a thing, but I know they must have -- it's the reason why I did not go with them!  It does help to walk that half mile with one's toes in the water, but honestly, that kind of heat makes me feel like my head is the top of a thermometer, and the mercury is about to burst the glass.

But there are some advantages to the heat, at least one.  I'll try to think of two. 

This week my girls changed roommates, and in the process we washed all the sheets and mattress pads.  It's such a quick job.  Throw 'em in the wash, then throw 'em over the line.  The sheets are dry before the next set comes out of the washer. 

And, earlier I had to pour the last of the honey into a smaller jar, but it had crystallized and thickened at the bottom of a plastic gallon container.  The answer -- put it out in the sun for a few minutes!

The hot evenings keep everyone inside.  At this moment my girls are in the living room harmonizing through the hymn book.  Now that, I like!

Okay, that was three.  Now, reasons to be thankful for (or in spite of) 113°:
1. No snow to shovel.
2. The AC is working.
3. Since I don't want to leave the AC, I can't spend any money. (That's a good one.)
4. I don't need an electric blanket.
5. It's not 120°!  (Yet.)


  1. Whew! I can't even imagine. (You and I really live in opposite extremes, don't we? - LOL)

    We're having a rather cool summer back here. The temps have been in the 60's/ low 70s so we haven't even set up our pool, because it's too cold to swim. (But I'll take that over 113 ) ;-)

    Stay cool!


  2. Oh wow, that is some hot temps. We got to around 100 a couple of weeks ago and then it cooled down to the 80's and now it is headed back up to around 100 for the weekend. Our pool heated up to 92 and that was too hot to swim in, we had to dump some out and run more cool water into it to cool it down some. lol

    Hope you had a great 4th


  3. You are taking it very well, I think. And remember - no mosquitoes! Actually we still haven't had too many here either - just too dry.

  4. You made me laugh so hard! "It's not 120 yet!!!" Just too funny. Thanks for the laugh. Lynn Marie

  5. Really. Do you even OWN a snow shovel? ;-)

  6. Just like Pollyanna, you are playing the Glad Game! I'll give you one more, WINTER is coming! You'll be confortable and I'll be the one stuck inside!!!



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