Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Month in Review -- June

Sorry about my absence from the blogging scene lately.  I'm uninspired.  As a matter of fact, as we speak, I should be working on my ladies' church newsletter, but nothing is coming to mind. (A pathetic confession from a saved person, I know.)  I thought it would be better for me to blather away here than there, and since I have a nice, quiet morning to myself I will be able to do this without the usual plethora of interruptions.

My month in review for the month of June is going to be short, unless I can think of what all we did this month.  I haven't taken many pictures! 

Here's the recap:

We ate red raspberries. Not locally grown, of course.  But it wouldn't be summer without raspberries!

We did Art in the Park, a city-sponsored program for "kids" of all ages.  We have done acrylics (see previous posts) and clay; next week we'll experiment with charcoals.

Starting a face.

Can you tell what this is?

How to make a flower.  Or a pine cone  ...Or an artichoke?

And art at the kitchen table:

Amy took on a geometric challenge, courtesy of George Hart.

Elisabeth experimented with her new camera:

We went to a luau birthday party!

And Emily made her own grilled cheese and turkey sandwich.  (Can you tell?  Whoa, Sweetie, not so much cheese. LOL! )

Alison and Amy started playing classical music at the nursing home this month.  I was surprised to find out the home has NO musical activities at ALL!  The residents seemed to enjoy themselves very much.  And we had a nice thing happen.  The library bookmobile ladies were in attendance also on this day, and one of them really grilled my girls about homeschooling.  She said, "I could tell you're homeschooled," and Alison asked her how she knew.  She replied, "Well... because homeschoolers have a ...different demeanor about them.  And they have better social skills."  WHAT?  I was amazed to hear her say that, not because I doubt it's true, but because "socialization" is usually the big issue with these people, isn't it? 

And I can't forget our visitor to church this month:

Sorry she's out of focus.  This black widow spider has an egg sac just out of the photo.  I didn't think we wanted a whole family of these critters visiting, not that we aren't friendly at our church, but, well, there are some types we just don't want.   Finding no critter spray in the closet, I tried gassing her and her babies with Lysol.  She didn't like it, but it didn't kill her.  Mama grabbed her babies, sac and all, and disappeared into the end of a pipe.  I felt kind of sorry for her until my dear friend reminded me that this mama had recently eaten her husband.  And judging by the size of her, she has eaten several husbands...  Mrs. Black Widow still resides outside the back door of our church.  For now.

And now, back to my newsletter.  I'm past my deadline.  
I'll be back later to report on how our new school year is shaping up!


  1. I missed why it was the last bike ride for the summer--is it too hot? You sound like us; we are WAY under for the amount of rain so far this summer, and my garden loks like it.

    Anyway, you've probably not written because you've been too tired, huh? All of these activities look like a lot of work for Mom as well as the girls. I'm not one to give advice given that I've been feeling fried, too, but be sure that you get some rest.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and yes, you were really close in being my 1000th commentor (I think you were 996 or 997?) But, my friend, whereever you came in, I just appreciate all of your wisdom and encouragement through the years. God bless you, Sally.

  2. I think that was a pretty fulfilling month for someone who thought she was uninspired. I think i'd like to read your post when you feel you ARE inspired!

    That's really neat about your girls playing for the nursing home. What a blessing they must be.

    I was entertained by your black widow story. I can't even imagine having to deal with that!

    Thank you for your correction on my Bible verse - I thought I had looked that up to make sure (in a KJV) but now I don't know what happened. But thanks just the same. I corrected it.


  3. Wow, that is a neat geometric thingy that Amy made and I like the heart/light photo Elisabeth took - how did she do that? Okay, so now the truth is told, your church is closed to widows & orphans (spiders that is) - eat their husbands huh? I suppose that cuts down on the divorce rate.


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