Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Ride of the Summer

When you live in the desert, a bike ride often begins with a flat tire:

But if you REALLY enjoy biking, that doesn't bother you a bit.  (It would bother me.)  Five not-bothered bikers are ready to go.

It's the last ride of the season.  I just love to see this daddy and his girls enjoying each other.  


  1. Hey, that guy's shirt almost looks pink. Wimp. Ought to have a tougher looking shirt for such a tough looking bicycle.

  2. Pastor's not wearing his helmet.. naughty naughty!


  3. It takes a real man to pull off wearing a pink shirt!


  4. The National Institute of Helmet Observers has issued a statement concerning on helmet use for adults on bicycle paths or for speeds under 8 mph. You can read it at But to summarize the findings, they noted that experienced cyclists had a .0034% rate of falling off their bikes during simple bike path riding, and therefore the need for helmets while not in traffic was minimal.

  5. Ya, right.. LOL

  6. Last ride of the season? Is it getting too hot?

    Bike riding season is just starting here - lol.

    My hubby loves to go for bike rides with the kids, too.

    (I do, too - although I really need a different type of bike. I have a 'mountain bike right now, and it hurts my wrists too much.) It's nice that the dad's have a special activity with the kids isn't it?! :-)

  7. Really, last ride of the season? It must be getting too hot. I was wondering why you had so many comments - now I know. lol Jeff is out biking right now.

  8. Maiden in WaitingJune 20, 2009 at 1:41 PM

    How sweet that they like spending time together! It's great that those girls have such a dad!


  9. looks like the bikers had a great time. You don't go biking when it gets to hot.

  10. OK I get it now - it's too hot where you are. We are still having rain and it's only about 58 degrees out! So for us, it not too hot. They sure do look like they are having fun. Good for them. Lynn Marie

  11. Is this the last ride because it will be too hot? I am thinking of staying inside the rest of summer, myself. It is so hot here and the humidity is making me swelter. Sorry to complain!


  12. I am 50 dollars away from buying a bike (and live in AZ too) so I'm curious as to why you say it's the last bike ride of the season for y'all!

    Can you take a quick minute and go to my blog post and give me some tips on how to get back into blogging? It has been neglected for so long but I just don't know how to go forward! I would appreciate it! The link is here.


  13. I'm assuming this is the last ride as temps will just be too hot in the near future. Our "high temps" finally broke today. Yesterday we had a high of 104 w/ a heat index of 109, but today the high is only supposed to be 90, yay.

    Just wanted to also add thanks for being here, I appreciate your blog and blog friendship're a blessing.

    Hope this Lord's Day has been truly restful for all of you guys, Julie


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