Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Crafts With Kids (Ugh) -- Tissue Paper Flame Tree

So there I am, perusing the internet for a recipe.  Emily seems to have a sixth sense, one that tells her when Mom is Googling.  You know what she is going to ask me, don't you?  "Mom, will you find me a craft? Please?"  Groan.  I love crafts.  They are great for creativity, hand-eye coordination, gift-giving, etc.  But you know me, I also hate crafts. (I am getting better, though.) 

It didn't take the internet to come up with this idea, actually it came out of the archives of a poor memory.  (I'm so glad to know I can count on it once in a while.)   Emily and I looked at images of flame trees, then we made our own.  Here's what you need:

a piece of card stock
bright tissue paper
glue stick
a pencil with a like-new eraser

All you, the mom, have to do is cut the tissue paper into approximately 1" squares, draw the tree (maybe), and show the child how to glue the squares of tissue on. She does the rest!  This is my kind of craft.

Draw a tree on the card stock.  For the artistically impaired, it can be just a trunk.  Draw branches with glue stick. Take a square of tissue paper and fold it over the eraser end of the pencil, then give it a little twist.

Now press the tissue paper onto the "branch".  Repeat this step over and over again (keeps five-year-olds busy for a good long time), keeping the tissue paper pieces close together.

Violá!  A flame tree.  Or a sugar maple changing colors.  Older kids could do a tropical fish or a bouquet of flowers... or a tiger!

UPDATE:  The five-year-old did NOT stay busy for hours.  Shortly after the second-to-last photo, Emily needed to "rest", and then lost interest. We finished this project together.  A craft-lover and a craft-hater working together.  Now that's love.


  1. LOL, oh I remember doing that in elementary school as a fall project - very fun. But awww, I don't remember doing it with my girls though - maybe it's not too late. lol I perfer using Elmers glue though - it's messier.

  2. That is a cool craft! I thikn I'll have to try it!!!


  3. Yes, I've never felt that 100 EZ Lessons was quite was I was looking for. Looking at curriculum is so overwhelming! I agree--I think it's more like fast food. My daughter can read some of the easy books but she's not sounding things out well and she's always just guessing at the words. I'm going to keep looking into the Spalding program and I'm thinking about getting the Phonics Road and trying out the first level. I have heard good things about Abeka though. I know it's very thorough. I used some of their stuff in my private school when I was in elementary and middle school.

  4. A Flame Tree?! I had never seen this craft and such a good one for this age, I'll have to try it with Samuel.

    Thanks for your kind comments and I've missed you, seems I've been a bit dry for blogging material or when I begin a new post all inspiration and energy vanishes. Truth is I spent over an hour last week trying to get a post up loaded with pictures, some scripture, and a lengthy description on I don't even remember anymore, anyways I pushed submit and the computer rejected it by sending it off to the nether regions of cyber space. I was crushed, sat down on the floor and bawled. Okay not really about the crushed and bawling part but it did add a little drama didn't it. ANYWAYS, (I promise to get to the point) I've been givin the computer the cold shoulder these past few days...I don't think it's registering though.

    Oh my that comment was long enough to pass for a post!

    I think of you every time the temps get above 90 and the children and I get all excited over a cactus we find in the pasture, my desert friend.

    Stay cool and blessings, Julie


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