Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brag Post for the Grandparents

She sure didn't get it from me (I wish she had), but Emily has more determination than I've ever seen in a member of my family.  When she was two she wanted to learn to read.  I taught her the letter sounds, but almost daily she'd ask me for a reading lesson.  At three she was reading three-letter words and consonant-vowel-consonant-silent-e words, like "cane".  Now, at five, she is reading at about a third grade level.  All this simply because SHE WANTED TO.

Emily also wants to play the piano. And the violin.  Or ANYTHING that makes music.  She has begged for a flute, a clarinet, a harp, a violin, a harmonica, an ocarina, a recorder.  She has begged everyone in the house who plays the piano to give her lessons.  I showed her how to play a scale and two-finger left hand chords, considering her short little hands.  Now she can sound out any melody on the piano, including hymns and gospel tunes and Vivaldi and Mozart and Beethoven.  Her persistence has paid off, and this week we have a little violin on order for her from SharMusic (she is buying it).  In a year I am sure I will be able to report that she is still playing it. (Photos of happy little violinist soon to come.)

All summer she has been begging me to teach her how to crochet.  "Emily," I would say, "your hands are too little to do crochet.  Let's wait until you are nine or ten."  "Nooo!" she would say, "Pleeeease teach me now, please, please, please?"  I put her off with the excuse that we needed a large crochet hook and some fat yarn.  This week I took her into the local hobby store without thinking.  "Mom!  While we're here, let's get some fat yarn so you can teach me how to crochet!"  Groan.  Okay, we got some.  Before I could put my purse down and get my car keys put away, she was ready to start.  In one hour she had a nice chain going.  Look at that concentration!

Emily is supposed to be starting kindergarten this fall, but I think I have already done this year's work, don't you?  Can't I put her off for another year?  ...She is not going to let me get by with that.   She also wants to have her own blog.  Don't anyone tell her about stuff like wearing make-up, driving a car, or getting married!


  1. What a little smartie! She is so adorable.

    Perhaps you could start her with some pre-algebra this year - forget those middle years and get on with it. lol My, Amber didn't even start talking until she was 2.5.

  2. Way to go , Emily!!!

    She's one smart little cookie!

    (Can she come be a good influence to my little girls for awhile - because I can't seem to motivate them to do much besides play in the sprinkler this summer....LOL.)


  3. I need Emily to come and rub off on my son.... He dreads school work. He will even clean his room throughly inorder not to do school. I lauged the other day as he needed to get his room done up. Poor guy.

  4. diamondsintheroughJuly 14, 2009 at 5:32 AM

    Sounds like we need a mutual rubbing off. Emily's room is a disaster area (must be her creativity showing), and when she has to clean it, that is the worst torture, for both of us, lol!

  5. You should definitely get a snow shovel. We moved into a rental house after my in-laws moved out and they left us their snow shovel. We thought, "Oh boy. A snow shovel in Texas." But it's turned into a very handy dustpan for when we clean out the garage! ;-)

    Oh yeah, join 4-H and this little overachiever of yours will show everyone how it's supposed to be done!

    122 is scary. I thought our 108 was bad. Oyve! Enjoy the A/C!


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