Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking Another Lap Around Mt. Sinai

Maybe it's because we all stayed up too late last night and because we're tired of summer vacation and because the kids are worn out from two good swims in the river in 24 hours, and because I am finding that I can NOT lose weight while eating chocolate... sigh...

We got some of our school books today, and oh, boy, did it sound like the children of Israel around here.  A whole lot of complaining going on.  (Two complaining about the books they got, and one complaining that she didn't get any!)  I think I am beginning to understand why God hates complaining so much.  I mean, think about it.  God got so sick of hearing it he wanted to kill his own children.   Actually, he did kill some of them, and he was justified, but I wouldn't be.  I don't want to kill my kids, but I think I can relate to this just a teeny bit.  Granted, I am guilty of it myself.  So where did they learn it?  Yeah, yeah, I know.  ...Okay, not everyone here is guilty tonight.  We have two semi-spiritual people in this house who refuse to lower themselves to the common denominator, and they are not guilty.  But three were, and then four, because I was complaining about the complaining. 

And then I saw this.

(Disclaimer: I don't know what else is at that site, so enter with caution.)

All right.  I am done complaining about the complaining.  I am just going to bite the bullet and insist that education is for my children's good and they ARE going to do it, because I love them.  And I will remind myself daily that some day they are going to thank me for this.  The worst I could do here couldn't be that bad.  Could it??  Do any of those poor souls have a praying mother? 

And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD:
and the LORD heard it; and his anger was kindled;
and the fire of the LORD burnt among them,
and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts
of the camp.

Numbers 11:1


  1. Wow, you are sick of summer break?, hmmm, it must be an AZ thing. We sure have been having a cool summer this year - which isn't good since we had such a bitterly cold winter. Where's that Al Gore when you need him - I want him to run that global warming thing by me again.

    The girls here are looking forward to school again, but mama's not nearly ready to start - how about January?

  2. Oh Sally you are just hilariously precious!!!

    Thanks for your wit and know I am so with you on the whole complaining thing (remember I just went on a veeeery long roadtrip with three little people).

    Yes, I complain too and there are times when I almost sense that the earth could open up and swallow me whole because I'm so rotten but I know God provided One that has taken all my rotteness away in the sight of our Holy God, thank You, Jesus. But don't get me wrong there are times when I've had to go through some serious disciplining, OUCH.

    Take care and blessings and oh, just wanted to add that Emily is simply adorable with her violin!


  3. Oh MY!! What photos and yes, I'm so glad my kids didn't do any of that to themselves! Summer alll over? We just got our 2nd day of 80 degree temps up here!! I'm still asking "Where is our Summer Lord!" Hang in there and make those kids learn, they will thank you for that some day. Lynn Marie

  4. tinderheartedteenJuly 31, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    wow i got chills lookin at those pictures..... how could people do that and enjoy it......


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