Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ten Future Missionaries

I always use the word "missionary" with some feeling of reservation, since the word is a catholic term, and not a Bible term.  What we know as a "missionary", someone who goes into all the world to preach the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ is, in the Bible, called an evangelist.  And all we Christians are supposed to be evangelizing the lost.  But a man who is called an "evangelist" in our circle is a sort of traveling preacher and in many cases, a Christian entertainer. And that is not a scriptural office.  So, forgive me for splitting hairs.  Here is a cute little poem about future evangelists.

Ten Future Missionaries

Heard Godʼs call divine

One married a worldly girl

And that left only nine


Nine anxious missionaries

They could hardly wait

Mother thought she needed one

And that left only eight


Eight perspective missionaries

To point the souls to heaven

One was busy making money

And that left only seven


Seven devoted missionaries

Their hearts on Jesus fixed

One wanted the American dream

And that left only six


Six sacrificial missionaries

Ready to give their lives

One thought himself unworthy

And that left only five


Five prayerful missionaries

Asking God for more

One decided to stay by the stuff

And that left only four


Four aspiring missionaries

Waiting to cross the sea

One became a farmer

And that left only three


Three choice missionaries

For the great task so few

One thought he was too old

And that left only two


Two steadfast missionaries

Ready the race to run

One thought to wait till his children were grown

And that left only one


One determined missionary

Thank the Lord for him

His goals are set his purpose firm

He didnʼt let the vision dim


Heʼs doing his part and the Lord is well pleased

But what of the nine

Who are living in ease,

Are you one of these?


  1. Cute rhyme - very convicting!

  2. Wow, that was a great post. I never really like using the term missionary either. We had a good missionary friend who didn't like that term either... he had a message that he always taught and expounded on the word MISSION as it our mission and goal to spread the word of Christ.

    I think of the same thing you do with the word evangelist. It just doesn't ring a good tune with me. It's sad what the word Church brings to my my too... we have gone so far from the true calling of Christ. Sigh

    Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly.

  3. Oooooh that's good.

  4. Things are pretty messed up aren't they. I was at Chick publishing last night and read about the catholic "Inquisitions".. talk about an eye opener, I had difficulty sleeping last night lol.


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