Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Happenings

This morning my two littles woke up best friends.  This doesn't always happen, but when it does, Mama is very happy.   By the time we said good morning to each other, the two of them had already made elaborate plans for their day.  Their bags were packed and ready to go.  Out the door they went, suitcases in tow, to take the train to a far-away city for breakfast in a fine restaurant.

Hours later, they are on the Oregon Trail. All of their belongings are in the (supposedly covered) wagon, including the necessary gallon of water for the long journey.  The easel is a necessity also, in case you want to leave a note, you know. Their bedding is atop their tent, to keep bugs off, of course.  Elisabeth here, is handling the horses. Since they have a shortage of playmates, Elisabeth is playing the part of Pa and Ellen, and Emily is playing Ma and Gracie.  I wonder what they do when Ma and Gracie need to have a conversation?  lol.  Emily must just talk to herself.  That would be nothing new -- who's acting?

Their real Mama has just treated them to chocolate chip pudding cookies (I wish I could remember whose blog I found these on -- are they ever good!), which is just completely out of sync with their game.  No pioneer ever enjoyed chocolate chip cookies on the trail.  The girls decided they could make an exception, of course. ...All we need now are PlainJane's daughters' prairie dresses and a couple of bonnets!

In other news, a friend who knows we like longer skirts sent me a tip yesterday -- Coldwater Creek has some boot-length denim skirts on sale.  None in my size, of course, but my older girls are now big enough to fit ladies' petites.  So today, ONE DAY TOO LATE to get an additional 40% off (I hate when that happens), I ordered them each a couple, one denim and one khaki.  With the choices we have in this vacationer's land (and the fact that I am just not a shopper), it's a blessing to find out about these things.  If the skirts are too big, well, we will just keep them and grow into them.  If I could just find a company that would pay the return postage on mail order items that don't fit...

Saturday was our church picnic, great fun.  I didn't take even one photo, figuring they would look just like the photos from our last picnic.  Same place, same weather, mostly the same dear people.  But if you want to see pics you can go to Kristy's blog and look.  Just don't look at the photos of me.

As we speak, Alison and Amy are entertaining me with violin and flute duets.  I am already dreading the day when Alison moves out.  What will I do without my beautiful live music ensembles?  By that time maybe Elisabeth will have become a piano banger, and Emily will be bowing away on her violin.  I hope so.  But the years are going way too fast.  If you know of anyone who is keeping a musical instrument hidden away in an attic or garage somewhere, and they would like to donate it to a worthy cause (well, we think we are a worthy cause!), please tell them about us!  We'd pay the shipping, and maybe a bit extra! 

Tonight's supper is chicken taco salad, with a loaf of fresh bread, hopefully. 
A little while ago I heard the dough lumping around in the bread machine, and when I took a look, ha ha!  I'll just say I had to add a bit more milk.  I have a feeling what I am baking is going to turn out to be a door-stopper.  Oh well.  We'll have fresh strawberries for dessert, and no one will remember the dead bread.


  1. A Note From TheresaApril 7, 2008 at 5:55 PM

    That was a very sweet post about your girls.

  2. I have a clarinet! come and get it.

    Well, what happened with the bread?

    Oh and share the cookie recipe too, please!

  3. Too long since I took the time to come visit you! Please excuse my tardiness. I enjoyed your post. It is bliss when siblings get along. If they always got along, I would probably not pray as much though. ;-)


  4. What a great day they are having! I love it when my kids play nice, too! ;-)

  5. LOL! I should check - I'm guess the girls have a bonnet or 2 that they have outgrown. Is that fenced in rock your back yard? Maybe I should send you some grass too - poor dear! Cute pictures - my girls are multiple characters too all the time and yes, they do talk to themselves. :) I'm sure the girls didn't turn down the cookies.

    Clearwater Creek had a sale? Awwww, and I missed it. We have a CC store at Ridgedale/Mtka. I never go in there because they are usually so expensive.

    Oh, and it was apple pies our girls made.


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