Friday, April 4, 2008

Computer Science Pure and Simple

I have listed Computer Science Pure and Simple on eBay.  For interested parties, the item number is 200213662315. Copy and paste this number into the eBay search engine, and my listing will come right up.  To learn more about this course, see MotherBoard Books.

UPDATE:  WHOOHOO!  This item is SOLD!


  1. Hey. By pseudo-granola I meant I am a tree-hugger, Earth-loving type. Sometimes. Like, I like to make my own bread (even though I don't right now), I have used cloth diapers, I would like to have chickens in my back yard, I wish I could afford organic everything. That sort of thing.

    As for granola, the only time I made it I burned the yummy-ness right out of it. So please share your recipe!

  2. Well, isn't that lovely? We BOTH got our prayers answered! I just had 49 auctions end last week. I was praying that the Lord would help me find some things to put back for high school courses. This was one of the items on my list.

    DD is using Logo Adventures right now. We keep forgetting to do it during our regular school hours. After spring break (which is this coming week), we only have 8 days of classes left. At that time, we'll likely focus on getting through Logo. Thanks for offering your set!

  3. wow that was fast! good for you :) maybe I should put an item title on a blog post...


  4. Glad you had a fast sale! I need to sell a couple of boxes of stuff - or maybe a couple of bookcases of stuff. lol


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