Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Help for Moms, from Kid

This is something one of my girls wrote when she was about nine. On threat of being disowned, I can't tell you which daughter, but this just looks so simple, I wanted to share it with all you house-challenged moms.  I think I might try this one of these days!

Here is a story of what I would do if I had a loud, messy house. (I am the mother.)

I would:
Buy lots of plastic tubs and organize everything in the house. Then, since I have an uncluttered house, I would vacuum every room of the house that has carpet.  Then I would sweep all the other rooms. Now I have the clutter picked up, and every room vacuumed/swept, but the kitchen is still a mess, and all the ledges/trim need to be dusted.  So I call all the children, give them dust rags, and say, "Go dust the ledges and shelves in your bedrooms." I would dust the rest of the house.

After the kids are done dusting, they want to play with their toys that I just put away a little while ago.  Since they watched me put the toys in the bins, and I put a piece of paper in each bin that has a list of everything that is in that bin, they go to the toy bins, take out the toys, and start playing.  "Put those toys away when you are done," I say, going towards the kitchen to organize the cupboards and clean up the counter.  Pretty soon the kitchen is cleaned up too.  (In case you are wondering, I did stop and take a break for all this to make lunch.)

Then my husband comes home. He is surprised to see such a clean house, with children that are not fighting now.  (They quit when they got the toys out of the tubs. They decided that it would not be so bad to play together so they decided to play nicely, without yelling at each other.  Of course, these children of mine are not perfect, so they still yelled at each other a little, but it was MUCH nicer -- quieter, too!)  I made supper, and we sat down together as a family, with the children talking quietly to themselves about the the game of dolls that they were playing.  I would sit quietly with my husband and listen, thinking, "Why didn't I do this earlier??"

The End


Doesn't this sound easy?  I think that she will also be dressed like Mrs. Cleaver, with her heels on for dinner, some nice pearls around her neck, and hair perfectly coiffed. LOL!


  1. And all because the clutter is stuffed inside plastic tubs now laying all over the house LOL, or are they organized on shelves alphabetically? hehee

    I still have 5 unpacked boxes here of office clutter- can I borrow the author? :D


  2. I gotta get me some of those bins!


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