Thursday, March 20, 2008

Checking In Late Again

Whoops, only three days late... four by the time most of you see this... I am not doing well with the exercising thing.  Last week I did do my weights one day, and I walked to the grocery store and back (that was about 2 miles), but my littles were along, so that was no cardiovascular workout.  But tonight my DH sent me (yes, we email each other from opposite ends of the house -- how lazy is THAT?! lol) a very inspiring story about a man who has gone from 501 lbs to 230 lbs.  Read it HERE!


  1. I am upset about the peanut butter cup thing as they are the greatest candy one can buy in this country. Very tragic. And as I am one of these pseudo-granola types, very upset to hear they are feeding garbage like this to hogs... Ick. Do I have to eat a pork chop to taste the chocolate? Hmmmmm...

    Don't stop the exercise yet...I know you can do it. I still only did one day this week (out of a 3x goal) but I still have a couple days. Just don't quit.

  2. Some exercise is better than none! And I would love to walk to the grocery store - 2 miles is a good workout!

  3. Hey! I just read your other comment - I have not read the other books in the Life of Faith series. One of these days..... ;-)

  4. If I move to Minneapolis will I have time to bike 30 miles a day???? Very interesting story, don't go to his blog though :P


  5. That was interesting! I like stories like that - it encourges me to get off my computer chair and move. I was conveying the story to Jeff. Neither of us knew that Mpls. was the No. 2 in cycling. What's No. 1? I believe it though, everybody cycles up here, and spends lots of bucks on it. Not me, I'll stick to swimming or walking (or chasing the horses in the field :)).


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