Saturday, March 1, 2008

Acclimated (NO, Not Me!)

It's official.  My husband is 100% acclimated to this desert environment.  I just put him to bed.  It is 80° in the house, and he is under a sheet, an electric blanket (not plugged in), a thick comforter, and two more blankets on top.  I think I'll change my name to Abishag...

As for me, I am still not acclimated after four and a half years of living in probably the one place on earth that has been affected by global warming.  It was 83° here today and I was roasting.  It's going to be one looonnggg summer...  but with the Lord's help, I am going to do my best NOT to complain, "UGH, IT'S SO HOT IN HERE!!!!" (or, "out here") one time this year!  Think I can do it? (I think I have already blown it.)

Other news:  When I kissed my big girls good-night tonight, they told me they like me.   Isn't that nice?  That's different from saying, "I love you."  We have to love each other, but we don't have to like each other, though it's nicer if we do.  (And I'll admit, sometimes we don't!)  It was nice to hear them say that, because I don't think I was a very nice mom today.  I told them I don't like my tongue.  It's too sharp and critical and hurtful at times.  Words that have already been spoken are free to do their damage.  Sometimes that damage is hard to repair.  And sometimes harsh words cause those we love to become superficial with us, and they refuse to be drawn out.  Please, Lord, let me keep my girls' hearts. No, you keep them.  Just please share them with me.

Be patient with me while I play around with my template colors, style, and fonts.  Should I make this bigger??  (How's this, Carrie? If this doesn't work for you, wear your glasses.)


  1. wowza even in the desert CA, winters were 70's. You DO have air conditioning right???? lol My preference would be 70's all year.

    No, I didn't see what those smart elite ppl in CA did this week, what was it? See this is why I really did not want to register with the state, now they now where we live...


  2. I like the way you share your heart on here.

    I am sorry about the visitation thing. It used to be the same way here. So take heart! When we first began going to Joel, James couldn't go on visitation as it was on Saturday mornings and he worked. Then James changed jobs and we were able to start going. Even before though, we'd go but not with the church. Anyway, it was the strangest thing because in between us beginning to go and also the Pastor changing prayer meeting to the same time as visitation, people began coming! We usually have six groups to go out each month! We bombard neighborhoods quickly and it's very encouraging.

    Our pastor says we all come because he buys doughnuts for us to eat beforehand. Ha, you think we'd drive 45 minutes round trip for doughnuts? I am hungry a few hours later anyway. LOL He's just joking but likes to give us a hard time. After doughnuts we have prayer meeting and then the pastor tells us where we are going. We usually are out for about 2 1/2 hours.

    So take heart as things could make a positive turn around quickly. With that said, we've only had 2-3 visitors out of the thousands of doors knocked on in the past few years. <sigh> Oh, you know how it is....everyone is saved and a member somewhere. Ha!

    Have a great rest of the Lord's Day,


  3. A little bigger is good for me as I never wear my glasses and I am your number one fan so it's all about me....

    Now that you are laughing... I didn't do anything to my vacation post. Did you, um, scroll down? I posted it on 2/27 called "vacation"

  4. Pardon my French! hehee thanks for the correction. serves me right for not looking it up first lol.

    The table chart thingy isn't mine-- oh no I'm not that organized. Someone shared their entire year's worth of menus on an excel doc on frugal_moms_menus yahoogroup. I redid for the week, copy/ paste. :D Want me to send it to you?

  5. That was a cute post and I would settle for fifty degree weather. As for the global warming it sure hasn't affected us. I still am not used to are weather and I have lived here all my life.

  6. A Note From TheresaMarch 3, 2008 at 7:19 AM

    I know what you mean about the heat, and about the sharp tongue. I hate being hot and I don't like the way I get on the my Children sometimes. Your not by yourself on those things.

  7. i like the bold better. thanks.

    sorry i am not logged in. but you're a smart cookie...


  8. I think it looks better plain (without the bold).

  9. I am 30 miles south of Seattle, maybe I am the one you're seeing on your radar screen.


  10. I promised myself that I would never, ever complain about the hot summers again many, many years ago after one cold, cold winter where I was just chilled to the bone and couldn't get warm. I think I have kept that promise and this long winter has renewed my determination to keep that promise yet. Amber just keeps saying - "I'm going to spend as much time as I can outside this summer" (she is sick of winter too - as I think every Minnesotan is - and we are headed for yet another cold snap). It was 29 today and felt like -29 with a cold blustery wind - when will it ever end. And as much as I'd like to be neighbors dear, I don't think I could move to AZ after hearing about your weather - hot & hotter. We simply must find another state!


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