Friday, June 15, 2007

Hack Alert

Have you ever had the strange feeling that a creepy guy is trying to look over your shoulder and get your password or your credit card number or something like that?  I have been getting that feeling today.  For some strange reason I think someone is going to hack my blog.... so if you come say hello and I seem totally out of character, you know what happened. 

*  *  *

My dear husband is not my most faithful, loyal reader (ahem, uh, that would probably be me).  He finally read my post about his two left brains this evening, 24 hours after the fact! And, I am so sorry, but I really embarassed him with my total ignorance where cycling is concerned.  Gracious.  After all the one-sided conversations we have had about bike components, I should have KNOWN a freewheel doesn't go on the front, and that there is no such thing as one with 22 teeth! (I wasn't even going to correct that, because I know that none of my friends have a clue, either, so how could I look ignorant to the "whole world"??) Well, now you know that while he is culturally illiterate, I am cycle-illiterate.  Does it matter?  He is good at all of the things he thinks are important, and I am good at the things I think are important.  Well, no, that is not entirely true.  I am NOT good at a lot of things that are important. Why would I even try to know the things that don't matter?? I'd say we are even, wouldn't you?  Looks like school isn't out yet after all. He is making me take this quiz tomorrow:


  1. No time for a quiz, you have to get the ladies newsletter done


  2. How funny. I wouldn't have even known that you said anything wrong about the bikes if you hadn't corrected yourself. :) Of course my knowledge of bikes, is making sure the tire has air in it, anything else my husband takes care of. He has the bike knowledge. :)


  3. Sorry to point out another error, but there are 22 tooth freewheels, I have one. It was the 7 tooth cog in the back that would be impossible. That quiz looks fun.

  4. It still costs a fortune to fix it.

    I was trying to find a link for a game doe your husband. It is called Jots and Tittles and I think he would love it. But the only link I found shows they replaced Church History with the book of mormon (yuck) because it is a really challenging game. If you ever come across one in a garage sale that has church history snap it up. He would love it.

    Happy Father's Day.

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  5. Hi Sally~

    Yes, our guys DO know a lot of things that we don't, and I for one am grateful for this! Do I want to know how to plumb a refridgerator, build a horse stall, or patch a bicycle tire? Not really - I'll let my man handle these things. By the way - good luck on your quiz!

    In answer to your question about the Peanut Butter Popcorn recipe, no, it's not a family secret. But it IS a family favorite. Your idea for making the recipe a post is good. I'll do it soon and be sure to let you know.

    Hope you are having a good Father's Day weekend with your man!



  6. now that would be a rough quiz!!!



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