Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bed or Box??

Okay, I know you all are dying to hear from me!  Here I am, escaping from responsibility again, staying up later than is healthy for me or my family. There is much to tell you -- my current to-do list (the last one was so engrossing I thought I would share another one with you), a report on our trip to my folks', plus photos maybe, and our upcoming missions conference. Well, I really can't talk right now, but I wanted to share with you the reason why all little children ought to have their own beds:



It makes a great toybox!  My 3yo Emily sleeps on the floor every night because she "likes to", according to her, but I am beggining to think the real reason is that she doesn't know where to put all this stuff. I don't know either.... I was thinking I should clean this up and make her sleep in the bed we spent good money on.  But hmmm, sleeping on the floor is not a bad idea.  Maybe the Lord is preparing her to serve him from a hut in Africa, with a grass mat for a mattress! She would feel right at home. 


  1. That's how the cots end up looking in my house because I always end up putting the baby in with me. This time around we had to buy another cot and I swore that I would not put the baby in with me but that's where he is, I was really good for a while :) It always takes me having another baby to get them to move on but this time I am going to be all grown and mature and ship him on out before it gets to that :)


  2. LOL. Somehow we manage to keep the beds clear, except I don't have the heart to kick a cat or 2 off, so they don't always get made. Ladybug is a saver though and even after she cleans, all's I see is clutter.

    ps - It's 46 degrees here this morning - I'm going to wear a jacket to the barn - kinda hard to imagine, isn't it.

  3. Hey, it looks like you can walk around on the floor in there! It's a challenge in my boy's room! He has a double bed, and I think things get pushed over sometimes.


  4. Hi Mom,

    I asked Emily last night that if her bed was cleared off, would she sleep on the floor or in her bed. She said, "On the floor." But then after a few seconds added, "Well, I MIGHT sleep in my bed." So I think she is telling the truth about liking to sleep on the floor. :o)

    And, bethanyrae, the reason that there is room to walk in there is because all of the clutter is in Emily's bed (or under Elisabeth's bed).


  5. LOL...all of our stuff is UNDER the bed :)

    I've been wanting to get to cleaning!



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