Friday, December 2, 2011

The View From My Window

** Before doing this project, read this post!

No snow yet, but still, it's pretty!  Excuse the rag on the sill.  I will forever be the mom who has a laundry basket in the background of a family photo...

1. Cut snowflakes out of tissue paper. For how to cut, see here or here or here.
2. Iron snowflakes without steam.
3. Wet the window. *** 
4. Smooth tissue snowflakes on window.
5.  Give each one a shot of hairspray to keep it up.

Ta da!

*** Update: Wetting is not necessary. Give the window a shot of hairspray, smooth snowflake on, then spray again.

***  More recent update:  Find something that works better than alcohol, to get hairspray off windows!!!


  1. Coming up next: "How to Remove Hairspray From Window Panes"

  2. Hairspray Removal ManDecember 2, 2011 at 3:55 PM

    Spread Coast Soap on rag. Wipe window vigorously. Spray on WD-40. Use hair dryer. Repeat if needed.

  3. Hair Spray Removal Recipe:
    50:50 Rubbing Alcohol to Water

    Your windows needed cleaning anyway, right?

    This is what I use all the time. Works great.

    Hairspray Removal Man has never tried his recipe, I guarantee it. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I was wanting to make snowflakes but had no idea. My kids will enjoy this.

  5. Those are so beautiful! So cheerful!

  6. Very pretty! We like to make our snowflakes out of coffee filters. It gives them a delicate/translucent effect.
    LOL about the hairspray removal tips!

    So are you praying for snow...or praying it stays away for awhile? ;-)

  7. The snowflakes that you made are lovely! They're very creative, and I bet they look like real snowflakes from a distance. I love the view of your backyard from your window!

  8. How fun! I have so much tissue paper laying around here that is in desperate need of being used. We're going to try this. Even if I DO have to get out the iron.


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