Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kids Creating

Years ago we had a friend who "gauged" his TV, meaning, he filled it with shotgun shells.  Isn't that a grand idea?  I love it.  We have never had a television, but there are times when I would like to gauge the computer monitor. :)  Occasionally I find a girl or four with eyes glued to it for way too long, watching the early episodes of Little House on the Prairie, or some such thing, via DVD.  The less expensive and more reasonable alternative here would be to ban videos for a while. So I did it!  Mother No moved in!  And you know what immediately followed. TNDS, or, There's-Nothing-to-Do Syndrome, immediately hit the house. Some residents were hit harder than others, one in particular being the most despairing.

But look!  This is what happens when you turn the TV off: the girls' imaginations and their hands are now at work!  They are making things.  Betsy wanted to make a doll house out of popsicle sticks.  What started out as just a box with a peaked roof became a mansion!

Amy followed this tutorial to make an ear-bud case (or three) for herself, so that she would quit losing her ear-buds at the bottom of her travel bag, under the covers, or in the mess multitude of valuable things on her dresser. It slides easily on to the zipper of her jacket or bag, and she's set!  Is that cute or what?  You can make one yourself in about 20 minutes, or you can pay $12 for one on Etsy.  (I know what I would do!)

Alison has suddenly acquired a desire to learn how to draw, hence "Susie" here.  (This is a Hebrew play on words.  In Hebrew, a word approximately pronounced Susie (soosee) means "my horse".)

And when she couldn't get the music to an arrangement she liked, she decided to write it out from listening to a recording of it.  The left hand is missing because she doesn't need that part.  I love to listen to Amy and her play.  If I don't watch myself, I can already start tearing up at the thought of them leaving us in a few years for some unworthy young men.  :)

Emily is drawing, baking, and writing her own composition.

I have only heard one person mention LHOP lately, and it was the one hardest hit, the one who was convinced she would have NOTHING to do.  She is recovering, however slowly.  At the moment she is making grand plans for a tea party with some other little girls in the neighborhood.  Mother No Maybe is in charge right now, and she is making that particular child exercise some much-needed patience.  How about a few weeks after the holidays?  (Anyone have any ideas how we can give it a gospel theme?)

I am enjoying these good after-effects of the video ban.  Hmm.  Might have to extend that ban indefinitely!


  1. We noticed as well when the TV was off that we became more talkative and told more stories, or shared more of our feelings, and laughed more at everything. Great idea to turn off the Computer for a while.

  2. I so need to do this too!!! But I am afraid that I'd be the one hardest hit. *blush* Good job.

  3. Wow, I think it is a domino effect. We too just recently closed the cabinet to all movies on the computer. We do not have a t.v. either. Amazing how much more time we have for each other and I believe we will get more done. It had been just too easy to pop a movie in and "turn off." Thanks this has been encouraging to me as I see others trying to do what is right. Wish we lived closer and could encourage each other in our daily walks!! I love coming to your blog, I am so encouraged by it and love seeing how your girls are growing!! Love Camille

  4. I really do notice the same thing when I am Mother No as well. We get really in TV mode in the cold, dark winter.

  5. Yay! Good for you--great results for sure. (I'm glad you didn't go so far as to cut off the three-way chatting that buzzes between our homes...I know one young lady who would be bereft of her most delightful form of entertainment. Thanks!)

    I loved seeing the popsicle-stick mansion; that would have been me. :-)


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