Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Violin Lessons

Just putting a plug in here for my daughter. :)  If you live in Cambridge, Minnesota, or in the Isanti / Chisago / Kanebec County area and are seeking a reasonable but experienced violin instructor for a beginning-to-intermediate student, look no further!  Alison charges $12 for a half-hour lesson.  See her contact info in the photo. (Keeps the spammers from finding her.) 


  1. OH - I WISH we lived closer!!!

    (And thank you for reminding me - I was going to call to find a new teacher for Julie this week) ;-)

  2. **Sigh** Does she do ooVoo lessons? (That's like Skype, but for Windows, in case you've not ooVoo'd before.)

  3. Neat! Wished you all were closer. [o= I pray blessings on your dd's violin career.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  4. *sigh* Too far of a commute. But I second Jenn's idea... how interesting! Of course, I'd actually have to buy a web cam.... lol

    Good luck and best wishes to Alison!! )


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