Friday, June 3, 2011

Our new town is lovely, don't you think so, Jane?  I love old brick buildings on an old-time main street, and I love old houses with garrets and gables and artistry in the trim, and lilacs and peonies and lots of green grass!

This is the reason for the greenness of our new home -- rain.  Lots of it.

It has been very lovely.  Nice thunderstorms, some howling winds to keep us from being homesick, and a tornado warning or two.  The weather is never the same two days in a row, and that keeps life from becoming mundane. 

Soon after the above photo was taken, the sun came out and dried up the landy, landy.  (Anyone remember that song from VBS when you were a kid?)  Emily wasted no time in making new friends at our neighborhood playground.  The other children in the photo are also homeschoolers, and now my older two girls have a babysitting job!  Speaking of which.  I am woefully behind the times.  I found out our nephew makes $15/hr babysitting ONE child.  It is a special circumstance, because the families are good friends. The other teens in his neighborhood are making a paltry $12/hr. !!!  And here I was thinking the prevailing wages for babysitting might be up to about $3 by now.  I really am in the dark ages.  Alison and Amy won't be making $12/hr today, but they will have $65 to split between them this evening, plus coupons for freebies at Culvers. :)  Now there's a good spiff, as my husband says.

One of the ladies who has been consistently visiting our new church agreed to come over and teach Betsy and Emily how to make truffles, 

and caramels.  The caramels got too hot and were turned into toffees! Yum!

We have unpacked the necessities but have many more boxes to tackle. I am not feeling very motivated, especially since there is a distinct possibility of another move for us, locally, within the next year or two.  Lord willing we will be able to buy a house and have a garden and a bird feeder. :)   This little guy has been flitting around for a few days, and I can not find him in my birding book. Anyone know his name?  He is a sparrow or finch of sorts... possibly a purple finch?  But he is definitely NOT purple!  Right, Kristy.

Last week we enjoyed a quick trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  What pretty country!  Next week we'll be in Michigan, and our inter-state travels will end in July with an inspiring week at family camp in ND.

And then, hopefully it will be summer, because if it doesn't come by then, I don't think we are going to have summer this year at all!  We have a fancy tea part to look forward to next week, and another visit from the grands, also next week, our nephew's graduation open house tomorrow, and... more events coming up in the fall.

Now I must forsake the computer and go check out a pair of  $1 ladies snow boots at a nearby garage sale!


She is not afraid of the snow for her household:
Prov 31:21 


  1. Sally,

    I think that I was also surprised that youngsters could make up to $12.00/hr. for a babysitting job. I also remember it being only $3.00/hr. as well. I never made much money when I had to babysit. Hummm . . .

    The truffles and toffee's looked good, but I have enough sweets over here, so it's a good thing that I can't reach your sweets through the computer screen. :)

    Also, sounds like you are enjoying your new home and having a fine time doing a little traveling here and there. This is a good thing.


    -L. Rose

  2. Sounds & looks like things are going great. Glad you are all settling in so well. :)


  3. Purple finch for sure, I used to set out part of an apple (red skinned) on the ledge of a patio and they would be thrilled with it.

  4. I can't let Blondie see this post! I only give her $10 for a day of watching Red!

    Looks like you're in a beautiful area of the state.

  5. Wow, maybe we should get into the babysitting business Sally -- sounds like good money.

    I'm glad you like your new town! I like to daydream and imagine how I would restore the Arlington back to it's past grandure if I owned it.

    Sorry, I'm too OLD to have sung Arky, Arky, when I was in VBS. I only learnt it when Amber was little.

    Your birdy friend is a young male "house finch". I looked it up in my "Birds of Minnesota Field Guide".

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I agree, Jane, it is a house finch. I found him after all! I am going to see if he likes apple. :) I love to watch the birdies on my deck.

    The babysitting wages ended up being $66 plus two free meals and four scoops of ice cream, plus a bouquet of flowers. :) Wow, times have changed. (And we have some special clients!)

  8. Wow babysitting pays well, maybe I'll quit my day job and do that! Glad you like the new home and neighborhood.

  9. It looks as if the new life is prospering. How I envy the jackets and the rain--we had rain yesterday for the first time in more than a month! It wasn't enough to do damage, but it sure was welcome.

    2 moves in 2 years or less? I do not blame you at all for feeling unmotivated.

    I am getting more and more "into" birds, and so I was glad to see that some of your commenters (and you, too, eventually) could readily identify this handsome fellow. I look forward to seeing more pics of you with your home and its adventures.

    God bless you, Sally.

  10. What a darling little bird! (No idea what he is - other than cute!)

    Julie also got a summer babysitting job - she made $20 for three hours and I was blown away. (I would have rejoiced if I had made $5 when I was her age!) How times have changed.

    Oh're killing me with those photos of the chocolates. Drool!


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