Friday, April 1, 2011

When All the Toys are Packed

We have the advantage of knowing weeks ahead of time that we are moving.  That is a wonderful thing, because I really would not want to have to pack a house in a week.  But it's also a hard thing, because everything can't be packed at the last minute.  The books are boxed up and it seems like everything else that is fun is also off limits for a few weeks.  What to do in the meantime?

Make a house-of-cards with apple separators. 

Or build a tower.

Or be silly with a roll of paper. 

Did you know that your local newspaper sells (or maybe even gives away) the ends of their paper rolls?  For $3.00 I bought miles of clean newsprint. Obviously it was going to be for packing breakables, but since there is trouble where there is boredom without ingenuity, I have delayed packing the breakables. Thankfully we have a bit of ingenuity here. And silliness, too. :)

By the way, clean newsprint is great homeschooling paper.  It makes wonderful material for self-portraits.  Just draw around your child's shape with a crayon and have him color in the missing parts.  Or let the kids make Happy Birthday, Welcome Home, or Garage Sale banners.  Or pretend it's a fashion runway for modest evening gowns.  Or red carpet for the king.  Or practice log-rolling. :)


  1. You just proved my theory that we don't need so much stuff. Thanks! :-) I see the same thing happen when we go camping. They take a fraction of their stuff and are so content. Amazes me. Here they are bored! Too many choices? I think so!

  2. Log rolling skills, that will come in handy in Minnesota. How's Amy with an ax?

    Good to see all those boxes lined up. Never thought about getting boxes at Subway...maybe they could include a few sandwiches too.

  3. What fun! Our paper gives the end rolls away but I hear they are a hot commodity. I have some that a friend picked up for us. They are fun for the kids and free!

  4. It is amazing to see what our kids come up with when the usual "stuff" in not around. I love it!
    We get the rolls free here. Its been years since I picked any up. Just used the last roll last week! Amazing stuff! We use the cardboard rolls to make stuff for co-op when the kids were younger.

  5. I know that the idea of packing up a home would be overwhelming for me.

    I have gotten the ends of paper from the newspaper. I sort of regretted it when Red took one end and took off with it up the stairs unwinding as he went....

  6. Yay for creativity! Just think how they'll enjoy their 'new' stuff at the other end.

    You're right about packing in a week--we just helped my niece pack to move. They did it in less than a week and it was grueling. I'm all for the plodding method.

    Blessings and strength to you all!

  7. Oh Sorry, that wasn't Anna...that was just ME. Sorry to confuse everyone.

  8. I knew it was you. :)
    After Anna said, "What comment??", lol.
    Thanks for getting my hubby downtown!

  9. Creative kids! Packing is such a chore, it's good to have some fun as well. When do you all head out?

  10. Very nice! And they will probably remember those 'toys' forever..."Remember when we moved and...."

    I'd love to box ALL of my girls toys up too...but that's a whole 'nother issue. :P

    The good news is - I think spring is finally headed our way, so hopefully by the time you get up here it will be 'outdoor' weather. We are hoping to visit our relatives on the other side of the state this summer - Maybe we'll have to see if we could all meet at a park someday.

    I pray your packing is going smoothly and that all is well.



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