Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We don't have a dog or a cat, but there are other things that should not be packed together... like school books with dishes. Or maybe you have a box of bathroom things that is 3/4 full, and you toss in a jacket just to fill up the empty space.  It just doesn't make sense.  But when you get down to the dregs, everything that's left just sort of gets thrown together!  I think we are getting to that point.

Today's goal: pricing all the yard sale stuff.

* * * * *
Okay, so now it's evening, and not one yard sale item was priced... what DID I do??  

Time to set another goal.  This evening's goal:  make signs for yard sale.  


  1. Lol. Did you sell your appliances yet? What are you going to do with the stuff that doesn't sell? We have gotten 3 or 4 calls from charities that will have "a truck in our area" to pick up donations...who are they trying to kid. No trucks are in our area. I'm sure they have lots of needs right now but I didn't have anything to give...I just bring stuff to a shop in Cambridge. Hope your sale goes very well!

  2. you spelled garbage wrong!lol

    I've often wondered about actually clearing out boxes of toys, etc and taking them to the thrift store- and I realize that all those little toys,etc just look like junk. NOT that your stuff looks like junk... my little boy is hard on his toys.

    I'm wondering to -what will you do with the things that you're left with and don't want to pack to bring with you?

  3. Good luck getting stuff for the yard sale and then having it and then making lots of money at it. Gas is getting high so you can use it to drive to the new home.

  4. I hope your sale goes well, too! At the end of my last move, I think I would have packed anything with just about anything. As long as it's marked on the box, what does it matter? :-) Go Sally! You can do it!

  5. Having moved 3x in 3 years.. I feel your pain..

  6. LOL - I want to print out that cartoon. Too funny!


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