Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of the friends we made here is our orthodontist.  Exactly one year and one day ago he outfitted Elisabeth (and before that, Alison and Amy) with braces, charging us only for the labs and equipment involved. This has been a HUGE blessing to our family.  God was good to introduce us to this man!  Dr. W. will not be helping us load our truck, however. (Isn't that why you are supposed to make lots of friends before you move? For help loading?)  :) 

Today Amy and Betsy had their brackets removed.  What gorgeous smiles my girls have now!

Other friends have offered to help us load our truck, keep our kids overnight, or bring us a meal. Some have even brought us homemade soft pretzels, and others chocolate!  (Now that's a true friend!)

What would we do without all of you?  We are going to miss you, each and every one.


  1. Beautiful Smiles Ladies!!! You will have to find a Minnesota Nice Ortho here, but sorry, I don't know any. Chocolate??? That was sacrificial!!!

  2. Oh - they all look so beautiful, and what a huge blessing to get such a great deal on the braces!(Julie can't wait to get hers off!)

    I'm praying for you all, as you say your goodbyes. I now how hard that is, but I'm also praying you make some more wonderful friends in your new hometown.

    We are having some wild weather up here lately, (and snow is in the forecast for this weekend,) so you might want to make sure you have some sweaters handy, depending on when you're due to arrive up here. ;-)

  3. No, no more ortho needed unless Em gets braces in about seven years. (Yay!)

  4. What a blessing he was! And your girls are beautiful :)

    You will make friends here in Minnesota I'm sure. I don't think you're moving near me though :(


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