Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seven Random Wonderings

1.  I wonder where we are going to end up living.  The area we are going has lots of foreclosures, but the people moving out of those homes are looking for rentals.  There's not much out there in rentals for us, except for one big 5-bedroom, 3 bath house with a great big yard. And a pool!  A pool.  I'm laughing. :)  And it's got a deck, and woods, and it's on the river. It's perfect. And it's for sale, and we'd move into it and two weeks later it would be sold, lol.  We'll keep trying.

2.  Aside from the fact that he is God, I wonder how Jesus endured forty days of Satan's temptation in the wilderness (Luke 4).  I can withstand about ten seconds and I'm done for.  Depending what it is. Adultery doesn't tempt me in the least.  But chocolate?  I'm dead.  Not that eating chocolate, in itself, is a sin. But it is tempting.

3.  I wonder how long it is going to take us to unpack all these unorganized boxes. Oh Jenn, I hear you every day, telling me to throw this stuff away!

4.  I wonder what the purpose of this blog is.  ??

5.  I wonder if anyone is going to bid on my eBay stuff.  Two days to go.

6.  I wonder what's for supper tonight.

7.  I just remembered that Lynn Marie tagged me, and I wonder what seven things about me would be interesting to you. For the time being, here's an old "seven random things" tag from my previous blog, c. 2007. 


  1. Hi Sally! I didn't know you were moving. Without an inverter I couldn't spend much time at all online. Still have to limit it, but not so much. I'm looking forward to catching up.
    Loved reading your wonderings. I have so many of the same. So funny on the chocolate. I never buy chocolate for myself. I'll come home from town with an entirely stuffed plane, but not one bite of chocolate. Something inside me says that it's something someone else should give you. Makes it all the more delightful. Yes, a total delight, especially after going nearly a year without even a sniff of the stuff. So, I do feel for you. When Chuck returns from town with a bag of Dove chocolates for me, they last about 3 days. I have absolutely no will-power when it comes to chocolate. It's a hangin' offense for anyone else to slip their hand into that bag. :)
    You and I would not do well in helping each other move or get organized. I am SO looking forward to the snow being gone so I can start tossing things in the burn pit again. We used to just have a burn barrel, but now with kids, our junk has grown to pit proportions.
    I was tagged, too, and was planning on sending the award to you! Now I wonder who else to take your place. And, like you, I wonder what in the world to say about myself. Every time I think of something to add to the list, I say, "who cares?". So, I've been procrastinating on that one.
    Congratulations to you on the award! And best wishes to you on your move.

  2. We wonder where you will be living too, teehe.

  3. Oh the adventure of it all! I see some great stories in the near future to fill this lovely blog.Praying for you for the perfect home, time to unpack, and joy in the journey.

  4. I'm thinking that Jane knows where you will be :)

    Thanks for the link for the donut recipe. It's printed and ready for Blondie to try!

  5. Move into Jane's sauna house? No, I guess that is not big enough. I don't enjoy the "not knowing where I am going to live feeling" for very long. I kind of freak out, in fact. I keep telling myself that God knows I need a place to live and He is going to provide one, but... I want to know!!!! :-)

  6. Well, we know that you will find a place to live, somewhere the house is waiting. Pool? How funny!

  7. Looking forwarded to seeing where you end up as well. I want photos as well of what God blesses you with. Loved the 7 things from your past post. Remember to make a list of what you love about your new place. Pack well, rest up and enjoy the move.

  8. Thanks for the taco soup comment! I never thought to add ranch but it makes the difference. What happened with your pork chops?

  9. I've been thinking about you and your girls.
    We picked a few things up for them recently and I was curious as to how much longer you would be there in AZ.
    I saw your comment at Brownie's site and was once again reminded at how God has blessed my family through yours! Thanks for being that well-watered tree that grows beside the river. Psalm 1:3.


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