Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Report

This is supposed to be a quick report.  First, let me thank you all for your sweet comments, which I have not taken the time to respond to.  Oh my, if I only felt like I had the time!  

Second, I want to report what God has done for us recently!   A few weeks ago we began asking God for a car to replace our aging van, which has been our only vehicle for some time now.  We were not specific, just praying for a future need.  Three days later the phone rang and a very dear person offered us their Camry, which has lots of miles left and is in very nice condition.  :)   This is the second time God has given us a car outright.  No, it doesn't fit everyone at once, but it will be a good second car, and it might be needed where we are going.  It is nice to live out of the city, but that also means more driving.  With gas as high as it is now (and still going higher), we are very grateful to have a gas sipper for running around!! In addition, people who KNOW winter have donated real winter clothes to our worthy cause (my family is a worthy cause, don't you think?).  God is good.  We should never be surprised to see him answer prayer!

Next in the report (this is to make up for the abandoned month in review post for February), we enjoyed a very quick trip to the Grand Canyon.  The girls had more fun crunching the snow than they did looking at the scenery!  Just wait til next year at this time. They'll be wishing they could get away to view the scenery. :)

At the request of the children, my dear husband and I enjoyed a romantic second or two.  He's a good man, even if he does move me to places with extreme temperatures!  :)

Last week we made one last quick trip to my mom and dad's in California. Dear husband and I got to have an anniversary date at Ruby's on the pier, one of our favorite places.  See it waaay down there?  There's a red sign, barely visible in the dusk.  Sorry about the SOOC photos.  I'm not going to bother wowing you with my editing skills.

We made a mental list of all the things we wanted to do for the "last" time.  The girls wanted to skate at the beach.  We fit right in.  There are just ALL kinds of  strange people hanging around there!  

And a trip to the mall, of course.  I had let the girls go off on their own for a bit ("Stay TOGETHER, girls!"), and at our appointed meeting time I came upon this sight, in which three sisters were happily sharing a treat. :)

Last on the list was a  real picnic at the ocean and subsequent trip to the Long Beach Aquarium.

Who would have dreamed an aquarium could double as a petting zoo?  Would you like to pet a shark?  How about a stingray?

This guy was quite friendly!

To their temporary dismay, the mother of the family agreed, without asking them, to bring the girls to play a Telemann concerti with some older lady friends the other night. Dismay gave way to smiles in rapid fashion.  It is just FUN to play music with other people! And besides, this might have been the last time.  (Turns out we get to do this again before we go, yay!)

Other than than, I have been collecting boxes, packing stuff no one ever looks at (so why don't I throw it out??), making dental and eye appointments, and arranging for last-chance get-togethers with friends.  The blog will be neglected in the coming weeks, as will my feed reader.  Please forgive me!  I'll be in touch occasionally.

A man's heart deviseth his way:
but the LORD directeth his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

(That explains why we are going to Minnesota!)  :)


  1. I'm so happy for you about the car and winter clothes. God is truly good!! Enjoy the move. You might have snow when you move in!

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful! So good to hear things are going well. What fun memories you will have to look back on.

  3. I so glad you were able to spend the week with your folks! What a blessing!

    Tell the girls that we have an aquarium here at the MOA where they have a couple petting tanks too, it use to be called "Underwater World" but recently changed their name to "Sea Life Minnesota", don't know why. They are having "Homeschool Week" the last week in April at reduced aren't busy are you? (wink).

    My, Betsy sure is looking grown up in the last photo!

  4. I love your photo of the pier with those colours in the sky. Great post, really heartwarming. Thank you for sharing :)


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