Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Which the Urgent Takes a Back Seat to the Important

Betsy is my blossoming adventurous cook.  Unfortunately this interest is blossoming just at a time when I have a jillion things on my mind.  While my brain goes over what all needs to be done before we move, I prefer to keep my body on standby just in case it is needed.  So I am not busy every moment; I just feel like I am, or like I should be.  When Betz asked me to forge with her into uncharted territory in the kitchen, the words, "I can't right now.  I'm busy," were right on the tip of my tongue.  The problem was, I didn't look busy.  When you say, "I'm busy," but you don't look busy, a kid knows she is being put off. 

The old man and the new man had it out for a few moments.  The old man hollered, "ME, ME, ME!" while the new man pummeled him, shouting, "OTHERS! OTHERS! OTHERS!"  The old man was not annihilated, just knocked out long enough for the new man to bake donuts with Betsy. 

In short time the kitchen was declared a major disaster area, what with butter and flour and sugar everywhere, in addition to a multitude of  greasy bowls and utensils and cookie sheets. Remember, the kitchen is already a minor disaster area.  Being a horizontal surface, the counter is being taken over by items that love a resting place before they are committed to a moving box.

But we did it!  Three hours later we were all fat and happy.  Happy is the important thing. :)  Sometimes the urgent stuff has to move over for the important stuff.  I sure am glad that new man won.  Betsy told me this was one of her best days ever. :)


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
    They Look so good.Great Job Betsy!:)

  2. Oh, how wonderful!!! I'm glad the new man won out too!!! You know, I've never made donuts before, perhaps Betsy and I can have a baking day sometime and she can show me how ~ they look delicious!!! What a great housewife she will be someday! GREAT JOB BETSY!!!

  3. Anytime donuts are involved, it needs to be an automatic yes! They look awesome. Too bad I just gave up sugar and white flour again, or I would give it a try myself. You did the right thing. :-)

  4. I think we all have these battles but it's nice to see that the new man won and BTW the donuts look wonderful! Do you pack and mail?

  5. Ohhhh yeah for the new man!!!! Those look soooooo yummy I can just smell them through my computer screen. [0= Can you all share your recipe? Please with sugar on top. [0=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))<><

  6. Oh, my goodness...can we come over for tea? Don't you love how kids have a way of clearing out the clutter for us (figuratively speaking!) and helping us see what's important??

  7. Blondie is turning into quite a baker, too! Only problem is that she makes all these sweets but barely eats them. And then there they are.... staring at me.

    BTW - post the recipe? :)

  8. Mmmmmm. They look delicious. I always learn from your insights.
    Best wishes,
    Jenny in Alaska

  9. Duuuuuude. There were donuts at the end. Nothing bad about that. Where are you moving to exactly? I will try to read back to find out. I knew you were moving, but I don't know where. And I'm nosy like that.
    Way to do the important thing, by the way. She'll treasure it.


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