Monday, August 30, 2010

Desert Dwellers Fascinated by Rain

You have to understand that although we frequently see storm clouds forming in the mountains around us, it rarely rains or thunders  right over our house.  This one storm made up for all the years of boring weather we have been subject to.  We had flash flooding, hail, high winds, big crashes of thunder -- it was wonderful.  One can have enough sun, you know. 

(Emily didn't think it was that great.)


  1. Don't forget to tell the readers we had nearly 2 inches of rain in just over an hour, along with winds gusting to 70, hail, and lots of lightning.

  2. I love rain and for thunder and lighting YES! I love to see and hear the power of God! I sleep very well when it's raining "cats and dogs". So glad you got to enjoy it -well except for Emily.

  3. That sounds more like tornado weather with the wind gusts at 70, Weather Man. Most people go in the basement for that kind of thing, but I suppose you don't have to worry about trees falling on you, and your basement is rather vertically challanged.

  4. I don't think you are crazy. We had the driest August on record. It started to sprinkle this morning and we went nuts too! I hope it pours. They say an inch is coming. Oh, I do hope they are right this time.


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