Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Greens?

Six weeks and counting 'til this child's birthday.  Yesterday she told me she can't think of anything she wants for her birthday, that she is satisfied and content with what she has.  (I know better.)  Today she has a growing list of birthday suggestions.   They include dried apricots and mangoes,  Tiny Dreams, paint and stuff, clay, canned peaches, the Moody series, Hot Wheels, and brussel sprouts.


I've heard of "birthday blues".  But greens?  Only my kid would ask for brussel sprouts for her birthday. :D


  1. What a sweet picture and sweet list! My son will be 9 in October. His list is short.... more Legos.

  2. My mom always gets my oldest daughter a can of mushrooms for her birthday, and a case for Christmas. And my younger son asked for jalapenos for his last birthday.


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