Friday, October 23, 2009

Speech Co-op

A while back, some of us evil homeschool moms decided to form a speech co-op.  You know how it is with evil moms.  We get together and plan stuff for our kids to do, stuff that they will hate.  Learning stuff.  Stretching stuff.  Character stuff.  You know.

We had our first session a couple of weeks ago.  The same children who protested and accused us mothers of being evil and wicked walked nicely into the auditorium and acted as if the whole thing was their idea. They actually had FUN giving short impromptu speeches in front of their friends!  Gasp!  We ended the session with several children very excited about the next class, coming up with all sorts of ideas about what they would present to the group for future sessions.

Fast forward two weeks.  I don't get to showcase Elisabeth very often.  She is my (usually) quiet child, very creative, but different from her sisters.  She is the one who has to work harder at music. It doesn't come naturally for her, and she wants her OWN talent.  Something different from everyone else.  Well, I think we may have found something.  The assignment was to recite or read a short story or poem.  The kids were to work on five things: confidence, clear speaking, volume, eye contact, and expression.  Each class session they are evaluated in those five areas, and each mom gives each child one thing to improve upon.

She did well.  I expect someday Betsy will become a Sunday school teacher. 

(Turn up the volume.)



  1. VERY GOOD Elisabeth!!!!!! You didn't look a bit nervous. Get feeling better dear.

  2. yea!.... elisabeth! great job! we're proud of you!


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