Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mountain 2, Monocogman 0

The mountain won again!  (My post about the first attempt is here.) The preacher and his cohorts tackled Spirit Mountain again on Monday.  Not only did they not reach the top, they found they were on the wrong mountain!  It might have been a good idea to read the guide book before setting out on a big trek.  My dear man did check some blogs and forums to see what other hikers thought would be the best approach to the mountain and the best path to take to reach the summit.  What he didn't count on was the other hikers not having a good sense of direction...

Ever try to live the Christian life without the Bible?  People do it all the time, choosing to read something about the Bible instead of checking out the real Guide Book for directions. Oh, how those little side trails can get us off the track, eh? This adventure was fraught with good sermon illustrations!   

The men set off at sunrise for a five-mile hike, expecting to reach the top in time for a hearty lunch.  They hit several dead end trails and some sheer cliffs -- great terrain if you are a free-solo fan, but not for these men who have a bit more sanity, not to mention the responsibility of a family life.  One false move in this wilderness can result in death.  "If the desert heat doesn't get you," says a Las Vegas and Southern Nevada hiking guide, "the sun, sharp rocks, twisting canyons, lightning, flash floods, prickly plants, rattlesnakes, scorpions, elevation, or mountain lions might."  Mildly funny, but true!  A snake bite or even a broken ankle can mean the end, so as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't have to be free-solo to be risky. The guys wisely turned around and made the descent, but not before setting a few boulders free.  (Don't tell anyone. The cactus-huggers might get after them for changing the landscape.) 

The scenery is gorgeous (if you like brown -- hey, it's a nice fall color!).  Check out the rest of the hike info at the Monocog Blog.

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man,
but the end thereof are the ways of death.
Proverbs 16:25


  1. "Wrong mountain" and "cactus huggers" will keep me giggling the rest of the day...love it!

    Recently, Alizona gave Aubrey and I some blog advice and I feel horrible that I haven't emailed her a thanks. Please pass it on, thanks :-).

    I wish I could hear that sermon your husband gleaned from his memorable experience on the "wrong" mountain, I bet it's a doozy :-).

    Have a wonderfully blessed day, Julie

  2. So many are climbing the wrong mtn. only to reach the top and find out they are on the wrong mtn.

    Okay, so you're not exactly building my confidence in setting Jeff free to go mtn. climbing with Monocogman. Maybe you guys should come up here - we don't have drop-offs and rattle snakes and scorpions and whatnot.

    My, it's 61 there? You must be positively freezing.

  3. Sigh...that makes me really miss hiking in the Anza Borrego desert. I hear you about how dangerous it can be. (On of my fellow students died of heatstroke while hiking...he was only 13) :-(

    I'm glad your husband made it back safe and sound, and I love the sermon illustrations from his hike!




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