Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Free Sheet Music

This post is for all you music moms. Alison and Amy play violin and flute and a bit of piano  in a teeny chamber group with some older ladies once a week.  These ladies once belonged to a local community orchestra, and my girls have been introduced to some interesting composers and to some unfamiliar but delightful music.  This has sparked some Google hunts for free sheet music files.

Recently I discovered this wonderful internet place,  Hemingway's Studio, and already we have saved mucho bucks on sheet music.  I don't know if you have ever done a search for free sheet music before, but it often results in pages and pages of links to other pages with links to other pages where you might find what you are looking for, after you register.  The owner of this site got frustrated with that and decided to put it all in one place.  At Hemingway's Studio you can find free, public domain, pdf sheet music  in a wide variety of genres, for all kinds of instruments, plus audio files, a few video files, free pdf's on music theory, composer bio's, and lots more.  The index lists composers in alphabetical order with their works.  The title column tells you which instrument the piece is written for, and occasionally you will see "Good for beginners" as an added note. 

Last week we downloaded Pleyel's Six Easy Duets, Op. 8, for two violins, and some others for violin and flute.  Just saved $8.  This afternoon I printed out some Brahms piano waltzes for Amy to play around with.  Saved another $9.  Since then she went to town and downloaded several more familiar pieces to which we didn't have the music.  And since we don't have a decent music store in our town, we also saved on shipping!    

I just love having good music in my home.  ...Better start recording my kids.  One day not too far in the future, the house is going to be mighty quiet.


  1. Oooh thanks for that resource! Julie has her first violin lesson this week. (We're all pretty excited.)

  2. What an encouragement your blog is :) On so many levels. It helps to see what another pastor's wife goes through and what her life looks like. I can totally relate to the comment you made on my blog. I have felt the same way for all of my 'career' as a pastor's wife....until now. The church we're at now expects NOTHING out of me...actually, they seem to not want me to do anything and I'm like, "uh....hello? Pastor's wife!?!" lol So, maybe grass isn't always greener, eh? hehe

    Thanks for the link to sheet music. Eldest has been asking for some but I really don't know what to buy since I play by ear....and southern gospel, not classical! That link will be very helpful. Thank you!

    Glad to hear we're not the only ones that expect mastery of math before moving on. I tried the other way with dd#1 (she was my guinea pig, poor kid) and it just doesn't work!

    Praying you have a fantastically blessed weekend!

  3. Hi Sally!

    Julie's instructor is not using Suzuki (although I sort-of wish he was) ;-)

    Instead he chose the "All For Strings" series of instruction books. I guess he likes that one better because it comes with a DVD where the students can watch another violinist demonstrate proper techniques.

    I wish I could say that practice came easily here - but usually it takes some 'nagging' on my part. :-(

    I'll have to come up with some better incentives. I like the 'time with dad.' That just might work.




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