Friday, August 15, 2008

Good Try

This morning my ninth grader gave me a very convincing appeal, seriously requesting that I would allow her to play Zoo Tycoon as a replacement for British history.


She had some good arguments, including the fact that if she actually read the information and didn't just play the game, she would be learning about all sorts of animals and their habitats and about good economic practices. Plus math!  And customer relations! You know, like a unit study!  Okay, I am willing to concede on the British history (how we came about having that for a school subject is a story for another time), but we will be replacing it with something history-related, not with Zoo Tycoon.

If we were doing delight-directed homeschooling, I would have had to say yes, wouldn't I?  No delight allowed here!  We only allow boring workbooks and textbooks!  That is just the way we do it!  Definitely not computer games.  ...But something in the back on my mind is nagging me with, "Why not??"


  1. I have to tell you I'm with your 9th grader!!!

    I LOVE to play that game!!! Oh, only if schooling were ALWAYS that much fun!!!

    But, maybe, just maybe....

    Oh, who're we kidding. We just want to play it!!!


  2. British History? Why? Amber just walked in so I told her what your 9th grader said, she laughed and seconds the motion. lol Zoo Tycoon? Why not? I've never tried it, but it sure looks fun.

  3. We do allow computer games here, and the kids think they are school work, because I say that they are. But really, they have to do everything else first.... I am talking about stuff like Reader Rabbit though. Zoo Tycoon is a stretch maybe??? Unless she wants to be a computer programmer. Then it might be "research!"

  4. My kids love Zoo Tycoon too. When babies are born to them, you'd think they were real family members. And, if I don't put a strict time limit, I think they'd be on it all day. I have had to ban them from it when one accidently did not save a game of the other and there was war! I told them until their relationship was more important than a computer game, they could play again. (rolling eyes here)



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