Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day Tripping

First of all, let me tell you the current COH is up at Sprittibee's.  I haven't had time to explore there yet, but you can get there by clicking on the gizmo (what's it called again?) on my left sidebar.  Widget, that's it.

Second, did anyone get the free download from HomeschoolFreebies yesterday, the ebook by Lorrie Flem on how to make perfect cookies?  We were out of town and  I missed it!  And my number ONE problem with baking cookies is having them turn out flat.  So if you can enlighten me, I would appreciate just that one little piece of wisdom.

Yesterday was my dear husband's birthday, so for the next few days I am younger than he is.   Here is a little sampling of how we celebrated (see photos).  Somehow we have managed to be in high elevations for several of DH's birthdays, and we spent this one in Flagstaff, AZ.  It was his idea to take the ski lift to the top of the Arizona Snow Bowl.  I don't know why none of us remembered that he is deathly afraid of  We had a great day together hiking and riding and playing. 

Behold the infamous "Shama Blazing Star"!!  (Inside joke for those of you who are Jonathan Park fans.)   Actually this is the Senecio franciscanus mentioned in the above photo.

White-knuckled on the descent! LOL!

A superbly gnarly Alligator Juniper

See the little horned lizard?  He was about 1 1/2 inches long.  He was so cute! (For a reptile, I mean.)

Too close to dusk.   Should have stopped for this one on the way there. Reminds me of the beautiful canola fields that surrounded us in Alberta!

You can tell who had the camera most of the day -- Booklover and me!  She took some great flower photos on our hike.  You can see those on her blog.  This is the problem when a family of six wants to do a two-mile hike together -- two want to rush on ahead for the exercise, one wants to photograph every miniscule piece of nature, two smaller ones complain that their legs are worn out, and the Mom brings up the rear with all the stuff no one wanted to carry, LOL!  Honestly, do I look like a suitcase? (Don't answer that.)  Mom and the three slow-pokes made it about 1/2 mile before turning back.  And that turned out to be a VERY wise move!  The two mile "easy" hike stretched on and on and up and down for the exercise buffs, and they finally came crawling back to the van after nearly two hours.  The littles would never have made it!

On the long drive home we had a very tired driver, so we kept him awake with scripture songs and the typical sibling squabbles that take place when a family is confined in a close space for more than a few minutes, lol.  We have the day off school today -- too tired.  One down for her nap, and one to go (that would be me!


  1. I want to do that also on my bd. but I am not sure I can handle the ski lift. When I saw it on the website a few weeks back I got tummy nervous. Ugh..


  2. Wow, Happy Birthday to your hubby. I love Flagstaff. It's so pretty. That pic of the Juniper was great.

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

    Afraid of heights and him WAY up there!!!!!!! LOL Well tell him Happy Birthday and I hope y'all had a wonderful time!!!!


  4. I'm sure the high, thin air makes one feel younger. lol Very pretty pictures - now let me down (I think the ski lift would take years off my life).

    Sounds like our hiking trips, I'd be the one wining, but I usually just wait and pray that someone will give in soon so I don't look like the wimp. Jeff's famous words are, "It's down hill all the way" ~ now we know better. The girls & I went on a mile hike today - the neighbor's horse was in our back yard so we had to halter it & trek all the way to their place up & down hills & through TALL prairie grass - I thought I was going to die. lol

    Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Absolutely great photos! I especially liked the last one, so pretty. I too am afraid of heights and don't think I would have been able to ride the ski lift. Makes me nervous just lookin at it.

    Did you ever prepare your fish? The lobster was great and I ate most of it as the kids and my husband preferred the canned chowder. The lady at Walmart steamed it for me so I didn't have to worry with cooking it. I thought it was delicious :-). Hope you have a great week!

    Blessings, Julie


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