Monday, January 28, 2008

New Ideas for Old Dress

Do any of you crafty ladies know what I can do with my old wedding dress, besides donate it?  Mom and Dad aren't willing to store it any more, and I don't really want it around here. Somewhere I saw a christening gowns made out of wedding dresses, but I'm not doing that... a pillow? LOL.  Arghh.  I can't just throw it away, and it's not worth selling; no one would want to pay what it's worth to me monetarily.  And no, my girls aren't going to wear it.  Anybody else have this predicament??


  1. I still have mine too. I ran an ad for it a couple of times and each time, all's I got was cross/bi-sexuals inquiring. I doubt whether my girls will wear it either (?). One thing that we have that I thought was really neat was the girls have a wedding gown for their American Girl doll that I bought at a craft botique that is made from an old wedding gown. It is beautiful (as well as all those she was selling). I will have to do a post on it for you - maybe others would like to see it too. Of course, you will have to know how to sew better than I - which you do. :) Else, I'm sure it would make a good dress-up dress for some little girl to play in.

  2. I saw a girl post about her doll's dress that is a miniature wedding dress. I think it was Anna or Amber (Plain Jane's daughters).



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