Friday, April 27, 2007

The UGLY Stone!

I read something at another person's blog and I will quote it here:

"This could be tough to do, because my Pastor's wife (and family) is watching !!  I might have to go into hiding after I am done with this. If you have not made the connection yet, it is diamonds I am the ugly stone in her life."

I thought about not saying anything for a few days, so this person would think I agreed with her, ha ha!  But let's get something straight here.  First of all, I am not watching. I have enough trouble keeping up with myself. Furthermore, the person who wrote this is one of those valuable background people who does a lot of things without being asked, takes care of things without being reminded, and who serves without putting herself in the spotlight. So about the ugly stone, I don't think so.  Even when she didn't like me and wanted her previous pastor's wife (and best friend!) back she was still kind and helpful. She never forgets to ask if there is something she can do. She is relatively young in the Lord has has grown by amazing leaps and bounds not only in doctrine, but in personal efforts at having a godly attitude.  I have never heard her gossip about anyone.  She is very closed-mouthed, and I know that if I were going to confide in someone here, it would be her.  So... if she is my ugly stone, what does that make everyone else??  Purple, you'd better take that back. I have thanked God for you in my life many, many times.  I pray I might somehow bless you as you have blessed me.


  1. That is a sweet and beautiful post. :)


  2. I think you both are pretty awesome :)


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