Monday, April 30, 2007

The Things All Kids Should Do

Since I mentioned, down below, the things all kids should do, I thought I would post them.  I will admit, I don't know where I got this, or who I stole it from; also, I have taken out the ones I don't want MY kids doing!  Some of these are great.  Where are we going to find fireflies in the desert??  Hmm,  Could we change that to "tarantulas", or maybe "scorpions"?

*Make mud pies.
*Splash in a big rain puddle.
*Play tag in the dark with flashlights.
*Go camping in a tent.
*Make homemade taffy.
*Experiment to churn butter in a mayonnaise container.

*Catch fireflies in a mayonnaise jar.
*Ride in a rowboat.
*Skip rocks on a pond.
*Swing on a tire swing.
*Play in the rain.
*Climb a tree!
*Play in the sprinkler.
*Tend to plants and/or animals.
*Make "tents" with blankets over furniture.
*Tumble and wrestle with Daddy.
*Swim. (Just for fun, not lessons or swim team.)
*Have dessert for dinner!
*Have popcorn for dinner.
*Help dad wash the car.
*Go fishing with daddy.
*Fly a kite.
*"Camp" out in the back yard.
*Catch snowflakes on their tongues, and make snow angels.
*Get DIRTY!!!!
*Make cookies (or bake anything) - letting the kids do the measuring of course.
*Put on a play.
*Put on a puppet show.
*Horse back ride.
*Hay ride (or sleigh ride).
*Lots of crafty stuff.
*Own and take care of a small pet.
*Slide down a steep hill on a cardboard box.
*Eat cotton candy and candied apples.
*Go to the county fair.
*Go fishing using homemade poles.
*Make a visit to the Ice Cream man who drives around your neighborhood.
*Riding bikes through puddles and then washing the bikes.
*Go to the circus.
*Play with a kitten.
*Wade in a creek.
*Make homemade popsicles.
*Go to the zoo.
*Ooh and ahh over fireworks. .
*Catch lightning bugs, crawdads, crickets, tadpoles and other "critters."
*Dance in the rain.
*Blow bubbles.
*Play in the mud.
*Plant flowers and seeds.
*Play with squirt guns and water hoses.
*Sing in the car, making up silly songs.
*Fishing and camping with Daddy and Grandpa.
*Have an imaginary friend.
*Make dandelion wishes.
*Eat flowers (ever taste a tiger lily?).
*Face paint clowns and put on our own circus.
*Go to the fair, eat cotton candy and ride the carousel.
*Watch a sunrise, and a sunset.
*Watch the full moon rise.
*Find cloud "pictures".
*Look at the stars.
*Act goofy and silly whenever possible.
*Laugh A LOT.
*Crack the egg into the batter and stir (even at the risk of dropping your best bowl and breaking it).
*Comb mom's hair (even if they make tangles).
*Make a gingerbread house (even if the gumdrops never make it on the fence).
*Pray for friends in need (even if it sets you back 25 minutes in starting school).
*Help paint anything.
*Go to work with Dad (even if he has the night shift and does not get home until 1:30a.m.)
*Have your attention (even if you have a deadline).
*Run ahead of you on a backyard hike (even if you want to hold their hand for the gazillionth time).
*Draw another picture (even if you want that paper for yourself).
*Have the last cookie (even if it's your special treat).
*Eat butter and jelly on saltine crackers!
*Sit under a tree while you read them a chapter book from cover to cover. 
*Ride a seesaw.
*Roller skate.
*Spend hours in the woods exploring God’s world.
*Dance and just be silly!
*Tumble down a hill
*Drink from a water hose
*Have a weenie roast
*Roast marshmallows

*Make S’mores
*Go on a treasure hunt
*Write messages in secret code
*Build a sand castle
*Have a lemonade stand
*Draw pictures with colored chalk on the driveway
*Collect seashells
*Find a stick and pretend it's a sword or play cops and robbers
*Make a fort under the kitchen/dining table
*Eat cake with your hands
*Chew bubble gum and blow a really big bubble and then peel it off your face
*Jump on your bed
*Squish mashed potatoes out of your mouth (ONCE!)

We have a few to work on, but having a list helps!


  1. That is a fun list of things kids should do. It also looks like the family had a good time at the lake. :)


  2. I'm exhausted just reading the list :) I didn't see having a bowl of cereal for Tea ( Dinner) My kids have done that before and I would like to see that in the list it would make feel better about it.


  3. I've wanted to stop by for ages can't find much time at the moment.I would really like to do lots of those things right now,fed up of unpacking,lol!!

  4. I was randomly blogging and came across your site. Thanks for the wonderful list of ideas of things that kids should do (and I think adults should try too!) It's about this time in the school year that I need a reminder to enjoy life with my kids a bit more by doing something spontaneous and out of the ordinary. Perhaps we will try one or two of these ideas this afternoon. It's raining here today and we could use a fun distraction! Thanks again.


  5. Another fun thing would be to put flour or powdered sugar on a plate and then blow it! That would be a mess but soooo much fun (of course, you would have to let me do it more than once!!)


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