Saturday, March 15, 2014

Regarding Emily being the hands-on kid, here's a case in point:  
Em saw this on Pinterest and thought we needed to try it.  Right now.  A candle is made from a Cutie peel.  I was a bit concerned the olive oil in the "cup" would catch fire, so it was not allowed to burn long.  Fire experiments are very stressful in my house, since we have one daughter who is certain the entire place will burn down when we light matches.  Hence the metal baking sheet, and the adult-only lighting of the Cutie "wick".  This would have been neat if we had done it at night and turned out the lights.  I'm pretty sure the fire would glow thru the skin.

So.  That was fun.  What's next?

1 comment:

  1. We are very hands on here at our house. Love anything to do with fire and explosions ( I have boys and girls). One of my boys set the attic on fire using a magnifying glass ( attic has a window). Thankfully I have a super nose and smelled something that was not quite right and we avoided a disaster.


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