Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I keep hearing griping about more cold weather, and where's spring, and we're so sick of snow... But really, when did spring ever come in March in central Mn?  Today looks like this. Again. Of course. What do we expect in mid March?

Not a blade of grass or a piece of asphalt in site. And a LOT more white stuff on the way. So we are making the best of it!

Unfortunately for us, we aren't the only ones with this great idea, but we don't own the pool. In the old days we probably would have left when the half naked guy got in, or we might have avoided a rather public pool in the first place. (We're at the single motel in town. It's $5! per person to use the pool, which is why we've never done this before, and also one of the reasons I am not in the water. When I was a kid, it cost 25¢ to go swimming, and that was so cheap that we could go every day. Am I  that old??)

So as I was saying, we prefer modesty, but of course you can't impose your personal standards on the public. And this has become a problem recently because of our inconsistency. Sigh. It would be really easy to convince ourselves that God doesn't care what we wear or what we see, but there's that Bible that tells us differently. And really, we're better off doing things his way.  After all, who loves us more than Jesus Christ does? No one. 

It should be really easy to resolve this...

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  1. My sister is north of you and tired of snow too. We are still having way below normal cold temps for our part of the country. Bring on spring!!!!
    We live near the beach and really do not go there in the warm weather because of modesty issues ( or as my husband says. " Look at all these folks who are too poor to buy enough clothing") When we swam at the Y it was the same... Only so many teachable moments! The thought of a warm pool on a snowy day is delightful. Glad you all got to enjoy the pool.


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