Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Pastime

The awesome dad here took the younger girls fishing this evening. I say awesome, because fishing is just NOT my husband's thing. He likes ACTION, as in mountain biking -- pedaling recklessly down a curvy, rocky, skinny dirt path closely lined with trees. Or boulders or cactus. NOT sitting motionless on a dock, waiting and waiting and waiting for a fish.  But when Emily accidentally caught a fish several weeks ago, he knew that he would have to bite the bullet and take her occasionally.  Friends generously donated fishing gear, and now we are set.  Fishing will be a wonderful father/daughter activity for Dad and Emily -- at least Emily thinks so. 

Husband graciously invited me to come along on this short fishing expedition, so I went along for the ride. We drove about a mile to a small lake south of us, where there is a public dock and maybe a few fish, which we were counting on due to the memory of several ice houses on the lake last winter. I was going to write a nice post, but since Betz beat me to it, I will just tell you that both of the girls caught a small sunny and we all had a fun time.  Go here and read all about it!


  1. What fun! And bonding time as well! What dads will do their girls!

  2. My kids like to fish, too. I don't get it. I think our husbands are a lot alike!

  3. I LOVE to fish and have many happy memories of fishing with my beloved daddy but I can't stand the cleaning of the fish & frying them for supper; I'd rather catch & release. I left a message at Betsy's. :)

  4. We love to fish, Sally. And I am considered the "pro" of the family since I caught a trout worthy of a visit to the taxidermist. :)
    Hope you're having a lovely week.
    Many blessings~


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