Monday, September 3, 2012

Curriculum For Sale

 I should have done this two or three weeks ago... why did I wait til the first day of school to organize the school cupboard? 

If you are interested in acquiring the following, leave me a comment or email me:  g johnsons castle @ gmail . com  (remove the spaces):

ACE English Keys 1013-1024 (grade 2, complete) $9 ppd

ACE Animal Science Keys for PACES 1013-1024 (grade 2, complete), $7 ppd

ACE Animal Science PACES 1022-1024 (spiders, snakes, toads and frogs, grade 2, complete) $7 ppd

ACE Social Studies Keys 1025-1036 (grade 3, complete) $8 ppd

ACE Word Building Keys 1037-1048 (grade 4, complete) $8 ppd

Christian Light Teacher's Guidebook for Social Studies Grade 2, $7 ppd.

Everything is in good to excellent condition, from our smoke-free, pet-free home.

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  1. Hi Sally,

    What you saw was Overnight Blueberry French Toast. I make it frequently on Saturday nights and put it in the fridge, to be pulled out and baked after church on Sunday with a few minor embellishments. It's delicious!! :)

    I agree; our calling is in the home, and I feel out of sorts when I'm not living my calling fully. I find that other women who feel the siren's call to leave her God-given calling are usually not living their calling fully at home. It unsettles me when friends talk of getting a job outside the home, because I fear for them. I hope your friend chooses to follow God's path. xxx

    Shani ♥


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