Sunday, August 28, 2011

State Fair Time

Tomorrow our family is going to have another new Minnesota experience, the Minnesota State Fair.  I don't believe there is any other place in the world where one can enjoy tater-tot hot dish on a stick, with cream of mushroom dipping sauce.  Or maybe you'd rather have chocolate-covered bacon on a stick?  Or deep fried butter?  We'll probably stick to the standard bratwurst and Coke, and maybe a blooming onion. :) the fat, and drink the sweet...
Nehemiah 8:10



  1. Have FUN!!! When I was young, I always had to have a footlong hotdog, a rainbow ice cream cone, and a bag of mini donuts...but now all's I want is a lemonade & an apple...what's wrong with me? (don't answer that)

  2. Oooh - If they have the 'all natural' maple cotton candy you HAVE to try it! It was my favorite the last time we went to the fair.

    Have fun!

  3. With the exception of 3 years I have lived in MN my entire life. Would you believe I have not yet been to the Minnesota State Fair?!

    Sounds like I should make the trip some year :)

    Say... have you been to Itasca State Park (off the subject I know). I was just thinking of the fall colors and all the pretty parks to get to.


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