Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Art in the Kitchen

Paint is evil.  I cringe when Em begs me to get out the paints!  I hate the waste of good card stock or acrylic paints (but isn't this what they are for??), and the way our brushes are used to scrub the paint on, and the mess that is left after Em has supposedly "cleaned up" her materials. See what I mean?  This is "picked up".   Let's see, she did take care of the water cup...

However, I do love the way painting keeps Emily occupied for hours, and I like the exercise in creativity.  See what I mean about waste?  This seems senseless to me, but maybe she's another Mary Cassatt.  ??

I also like the way Emily's older sister, Elisabeth, seems unable to resist an art project when all the equipment is out!  Betsy got a nice set of watercolor pencils to play with for her birthday last year.  Pencils are wonderful!  No dripping, no waste of paint, easy control.  Color/draw with the pencils, then use a wet paintbrush to blend or soften lines.

I have seen several different sets of these nice watercolor pencils, but this Lyra brand has been the easiest to work with:

How do you handle art projects with the little ones in your house?

*     *     *
Emily has been spying on my blog.
"Really?" she asks me. "Mommy, do you want me to quit painting?"  
"No," I tell her. "I don't want you to stop.  I'm the one with the problem."  I smile at her.
"Good.  Because I want to be a professional painter when I grow up!"


  1. Been there for sure with my Grace. She can go through the paper no matter what the medium she uses. I have to practically hide paper. And the mess? Oh yes! But, like you, I am the one with the problem. What would I rather her be doing? Watch TV? (OK, I'd rather her be neater, but I'll have to pick my battles.)

  2. Lol, yes, Em can read now. Like Grandma, like grandchild. I know the feeling...I have the hardest time getting going on our art lessons, but I want to do them...there just never seems like enough time. Art is a good evening/weekend project around here -- when I think of it.

  3. Art? Hmmm, I don't mind the mess so much as it sorta fits with the rest of the house decor.
    I think it's sweet that she works so long at it. Aubrey used to do that but reading seems to have taken priority these past couple of years. In fact I find myself having to encourage her more to draw even though she's so talented in that area.

  4. I was really bad at doing art projects. I think because I was really into art in school and I didn't have much patience with teaching it. Pretty sad of me because I think my daughter missed out. I might have to change that :)

  5. Hi again - yes I do photo editing - it's so much fun :) I took a couple of photo editing blogs and learned a few things.

    Oddly - we didn't flood nearly as bad as we had the last three years. The flooding was far worse north and west of us. And then Minot got inundated with water. We drove through Pierre, SD a couple of days ago and we saw sandbags were still up.

  6. I'm with you - paint can be evil, but not QUITE as evil as glitter or Moon Sand.

    I can actually handle the paint mess if they use brushes - it's when they want to sponge paint that I cringe. (We have multiple sponges in different shapes and cleanup is awful.)

    I don't want to squelch their creativity though - especially since I used to love to paint quite a bit myself. (I did mine in a studio though. No mess at home!) ;-)

  7. I loved it when my grandchildren were small, they would come to my house and beg to paint, so pick up wallpaper rolls (yard sales, cheap) roll it out in the yard, get finger paint and turn them loose! It's fun, and when done, you can cut out parts of the pictures for them or roll up the whole thing and throw it away.....then get out the garden hose for the kids!


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