Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Posts to Share

Here are some blogposts which you might be interested in taking a peek at.  Wait, let me rephrase that with correct grammar, as a good homeschooler should.  Ahem.  Here are some blogposts in which you might be interested in taking a peek.  :)

From Guilt-Free Homeschooling, The Bottom 10 Worst Parts of Homeschooling, and some coping strategies.

From Ladies Against Feminism, Child-Rearing is Soul-Winning, Or Not.

Also from LAF, A Great Opportunity.  What I like about this little promo is that we are given some great reasons why girls ought to be taught to communicate well.

From Harmony Art Mom, Our Children Haven't Changed - Math Standards Have, and a follow-up post that answers some of the subsequent comments.

An insightful post written by a teen at Throwing Pebbles, Life in a Freefall.

And here's one by Cary Schmidt that is near to my heart, since I am married to my pastor, Before You Criticize Your Pastor.


  1. Thanks so much for linking back to my blog post! It means so much to me--it's weird to think that me, a 15 year old, can write something that adults would think is interesting. :)

    Thanks so much for the support!

    Becca Danielle

  2. Ooooh, thanks! Now to find more time for reading...
    PS. I did read the math standards one this week, too. I agreed with Barb 100%.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Sally. I'll have to read through some of these. I subscribe to Barb at Harmony Art Mom's blog, so I saw the math standards article. Though I could agree in part, I'm just not there yet. With a Bachelor's in engineering, I confess that I've groomed my kids toward higher maths and sciences, whether they want to go or not (LOL). I won't argue my case here, but simply say that I'm glad you shared what promises to be interesting reading!

  4. Sent you an email at the address you provided on my blog. I'm hoping it didn't go to your spam folder!

  5. Hi Belinda,
    Having a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry, I do understand you steering your kids towards math and science. We just aren't going that direction. I am not completely where Harmony Art Mom is, either, but I sure do understand her thinking. I like anything that looks like relaxed learning, and I just don't go for the world's definition of "success". It takes all sorts of people to make the world go around. :D


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