Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am thankful today that when I murmur, "Oh, what ever shall we have for supper?" it is not because the larder is bare.

Rather, it is because I have so much to choose from.

God is good.


  1. That sure is true! Like I said, I am repenting of grumbling lately. I have it better than I deserve. And yes, Christmas is a burden I have taken on myself. Thankfully, we only buy for our kids and they know it is only what we can afford without debt. I grew up with elaborate Christmas' and with parents in deep debt afterwards. At least we avoid that mess, but still it robs me of the joy of Christmas.

  2. Amen!
    (That picture is heartbreaking) :-(

  3. Okay, I just visited the "larder" and grabbed a handful of "cooking" chocolate chips, crammed them in my mouth, and clicked over here. Gulp! Somehow, they didn't taste quite as good :-(.
    Yes, we live in a world of plenty, Thank you dear Lord.

  4. What a dear picture - to me, it doesn't look like they will have nothing to eat (else why bother with the plates), but more in question of what odd combination mom has whipped up tonight...I get that look all the time. (Just kidding).

    Yes, GOD IS GOOD. We have plenty. Someday we might not be able to say that.

  5. Hi Sally! I finally "found" my blog and am dropping by to say howdy as I skim my way through this new WordPress swamp. How did you get pictures on your sidebar? I can barely figure out how to change the header. It was fun chatting with Amy (briefly) this week. Did she ever get her "About Me" section finished?


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