Thursday, November 12, 2009

There Is Hope

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When we first started homeschooling, I naïvely believed with all my heart that my children would LOVE school.  They didn't mind learning (nevermind loving it), but they HATED writing.  We could do any assignment orally. But when the children were told to do something (anything) in writing, I witnessed, to my unbelieving eyes, the return of the temper tantrum.  Happy voices turned ugly. Whining, crying, and wailing prevailed. Little bodies writhed on the floor or ran away. 

Maybe their little muscles just weren't ready to write, I don't know.  Whatever the cause, I thought, What am I going to do with this?  We couldn't go on through elementary, junior high, and high school doing our assignments orally!  Not with one child, but especially not with four!!! 

I cajoled, I argued, I threatened.  I finally figured out that God's way would be the best way to handle this  rebellion, because after all, rebellion is what it is. (Proverbs 29:15). 

One small compromise: I allowed them to tackle the keyboard from a very young age, making up words and stories and sending I-love-you emails to their parents and sisters.  Yes, I wanted them to learn to get their thoughts from their brains to the end of a pencil.  But maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the thoughts went from their brains to a keyboard. ??

Forward several years.  My fifteen year old daughter is twelve days and 23,000-some words into a novel.  She is a participant in 2009 NaNoWriMo (that's short for National Novel Writing Month).  She has a journal and a story blog in addition to her regular blog.  She writes for the HSB Backyard. Once in a while she contributes to my church ladies' newsletter.  Who'd a thunk it?  She still hates writing by hand, if it's assigned writing, but she has learned to write in spite of it. 

Don't give up on your non-writer.  There is hope.  


  1. Give me a keyboard anyday over pencil! Glad things are going well in that area. I hope she does well in her novel - what's the prize?

  2. Please tell us how November goes in this writing month. I learned about it too late to become involved, and while thinking it's a great idea, I wonder if there are enough days in November to do justice and still celebrate family and Thanksgiving. My Multiply friend posts short spurts of information and I'm looking forward to her results, too. Best wishes for success.

    Grammy Blick

  3. Sorry my blog didn't accept your post -- all three have the same settings and it should have saved without problems! I'm now set to follow your family's progress. Again, thanks!

  4. What an awesome testimony regarding your non-writers (smile). I wrote a post many months ago entitled "What if They Hate It?" I've gotten many miles out of this post because I think it speaks to where we all are at one time or another. In my earliest homeschooling days, a wise mother gave me the advice that I needed to just stay consistent in areas that our children weren't "loving." At times, it's taken years, as you stated, but they do rise to our expectations.

  5. Oh my Sally! You've been busy here since I last visited. Congratulations on the blog award and AMEN on the homeschooling posts.

    As for writing, Aubrey has always written poems and stories without any encouragement from me. I hope she continues to enjoy it. Your girls write beautifully! Whenever they post new entries, Aubrey lets me know and insists that I read them :-)! It's funny how they've never met but she looks up to them as if they were her friends that she sees at art coop or 4H.

    Keep up the good work here my friend!

    Blessings, Julie


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